Farming and mining are the backbone of Australia’s economy.

Aussie Pumps knows the true potential of Australian farming.  That’s why their engineering team is always looking for ways of making products that are faster, more effective, more cost efficient. The aim is to deliver better value for money than cheap imports or other brands on the market.


Aussie’s philosophy is about providing more value at “fair prices”.  They’ve developed a range of self-priming pumps from 1” to 6”, suitable for a huge range of on-farm applications.

“We know that self-priming pumps offer real convenience for any farmer who wants to draught water from dams, creeks, rivers or wells”, said Aussie’s Chief Engineer, John Hales.


A classic example of this is the Aussie QP self priming centrifugal pump range.  Driven by Honda engines or Yanmar diesels, the range goes all the way up to 6” self priming centrifugal pumps with flows up to 2,900 lpm!

The flagship in the range is the Aussie Fire Chief, regarded as the world’s best lightweight portable fire pump.

With 25% more performance, bigger impellers and the ability to self prime from 7.6 m (vertical lift), the product has a big advantage compared to others. The five year warranty and steel skids with anti-vibration mounts as standard and they sell at retail hundreds of dollars less than Davey and Onga.

Want to transfer water fast? Aussie’s got the 3”, 4” and 6” pumps to do the job.

The Yanmar diesel can move large volumes of water continuously for up to 5 ½ hours.  That’s an astonishing 825,000 litres per fuel tank cycle.


Aussie’s Gold Distributors stock a range of cold and hot pressure cleaners.  The compact AB30, Aussie’s Pocket Rocket, is now produced in huge volumes.  These 3,000 psi pressure cleaners feature top quality Italian ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini pumps, Honda engines, and come wrapped in ergonomic stainless steel frames.

Aussie AB30

Customers love the Scud range, not just in the AB30 but in the next model up, a 4,000 psi machine called the AB40-GT.  The GT has a beautiful sculpted stainless steel frame and 4 big 13” wheels with flat free tyres make the machine look like a Bobcat,” said Hales.

For super heavy duty farm applications, the Scud 400 is the choice of professionals.  It’s ideal for continuous cleaning applications.

For jobs that require a long reach, Aussie has stainless steel hose reels with up to 30 m of high pressure hose. They are easy to fit and offers huge OH & S advantages.


Aussie steam cleaners offer great advantages over cold water pressure cleaners. They clean faster, use less chemicals and offer a more hygienic result, killing bacteria and germs. The hot steam dries almost instantly, so there’s less mess.

The Aussie Admiral MK111, 20 litre per minute 3,000 psi machine is designed for continuous 10 hours use. At 130 °C, this unit cleans and sterilises.

The Aussie Sizzler Hot Wash, is a 240 volt dairy special that produces 1,800 psi and operates at 80 °C.

“Farmers love the Sizzler, not only because of its reliability, but also its low price”, said Hales.


“The design team is always looking for inspiration and direction from our users. The reason we give long warranties is because our engineers put so much time into making sure the machines will work, sometimes under very arduous and difficult applications”, said Hales.

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