Aussie Pumps recognises that earthmoving contractors need to keep their equipment clean to carry out proper maintenance procedures. The bigger the fleet, the bigger the equipment, the more challenging the clean up is.

Australian Pump Industries, Aussie Pumps, pioneered heavy duty high pressure water blasters for earthmoving, mining, quarry and construction applications.  Beginning with their famous Aussie Scud 4,000 psi machine they’ve now released a new 5,000 psi machine called the Aussie Predator.


Aussie’s new Mine Boss Predator 5,000 psi hydro blaster is “clean machine” ready.

Encased in a super heavy duty stainless steel frame, the big pressure cleaner delivers enormous cleaning power with 5,000 psi pressure, matched to 16 lpm flow. That unique cleaning capacity can carry out cleaning tasks as onerous as chopping baked on clay from the track gear of crawler mounted dozers, excavators or other equipment.

This pressure/flow combination ensures that this machine is classified under the Australian Jetting Operation Standards AS/NZS :4233.1 as a Class A machine. As a result, operators do not require RTO certification.

The new Predator A is powered by a Kohler 26 hp air cooled diesel engine. It is paired with a ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex, heavy duty, slow speed pump running at 1450 rpm.   The high pressure system incorporates an Aussie’s ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) kit. This is designed to protect the operator and the machine. The kit includes a thermal dump to protect the pump from extended bypass running. It also includes a safety valve that blows off in the event of a pressure spike.

Four big 16” steel wheels with pneumatic tyres make the machine easy to manoeuvre.  The new Predator A diesel is fitted with what Aussie call their ‘Mine Boss’ features. These include an emergency stop, a dry cell battery with lockable battery isolation, double insulated wire loom, and a fire extinguisher.

The Predator unit comes complete with a high pressure gun kit including stainless steel lance and a 10 metre double wire braid hose. Machines can be fitted with a unique stainless steel high pressure reel with 30 metres of high pressure hose if required. Optional reels with 50 metres of hose are also available.

Aussie Pumps also offer a free online safety training program. The course aims to educate operators on how pressure cleaners work to build confidence and safety awareness.

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