Aussie Wins Coates Hire Contract

In an important move, Coates Hire have awarded a contract to Australian Pump Industries for supply of pressure cleaners for their national hire fleet.

After ongoing evaluation, taking place over recent years, the company chose Australian Pump Industries Scud configuration machines for this very important fleet selection.

Australian Pump Industries is Australia’s leading manufacturer and designer of high-pressure water blaster equipment.  The company pioneered the move to higher pressures that deliver less water but can provide faster and more efficient cleaning.

Aussie 4000 psi diesel blasters getting the final touches before testing.
Aussie Scud Design a Winner

Aussie Pumps were the first to introduce production models of 4000 psi units 20 some years ago.  Since then they have developed the product range with the most recent innovation being the development of the OH&S friendly Scud range.

The machines selected by Coates Hire for this initial acquisition include 3000 psi Honda-powered machines, popularly known in the trade as Aussie Pump’s “Pocket Rocket”.

The machine comes in a compact frame with 4 steel wheels with 10” flat-free tires.  Its design fits into a tradie’s Ute or in some cases even a reasonably sized sedan boot.

Diesel machines, for infrastructure and mining, are also part of the package.  The machines selected are the popular Aussie ABSS “Super Scud” Series.  The heart of the machine is a “Big Berty” Bertolini heavy duty slow speed triplex pump in 4000 psi.  The pump is driven through a 2 to 1 reduction gearbox that provides a total enclosed drive train, not affected by dust or other negative site conditions.

The Super Scud is powered by a Yanmar 10 horsepower electric start air cooled diesel engine.  The engine also features back up recoil start with integrated automatic decompression!

“We perfectly matched the 4,000 psi pump to the engine to make sure there was no possibility of overload” said Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer John Hales.  “The pump motor group sits comfortably within the Super Scud stainless steel frame, providing real OH&S benefits to hire users.”

The innovative Aussie design is based on feedback from customers on construction sites, mines and even farms.  The big steel wheels with bearings and 13” flat-free tyres are mounted close together to provide real maneuverability on even the roughest site.  Best of all, the frame has “no sharps” to catch operators clothing or risk of injury.

“When we designed this machine, we had nothing but efficiency and operator safety and convenience in mind” said Hales.

An integrated safety kit comes on all models.  Called ASP (Aussie Safety Protection), the kit consists of a safety valve that will blow off if the machines experience a pressure spike.  That safety valve protects both the operator from injury and the machine from damage.  A thermal dump valve is also supplied that activates if the machine is left on continuous bypass for extended periods.

Australian Pump is continuously innovating new ideas to make operation safer, more efficient and faster.“We know that after the first 5 hours of using a high-pressure water blaster the operator can find it tedious” said Hales.  “If we can cut that 5-hour job down to 2-hours with a 4,000 psi machine and an optional turbo, also available from Coates Hire, then everybody wins” he said.

“It’s a great pleasure for us to be working with a professional outfit like Coates Hire.  We take it very seriously and ensure the machines and the support we give them will measure up to the demanding requirements of hire!” said Hales.

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