A new high pressure water blaster designed specifically for truck wash applications has been released by Australian Pump Industries.   An extension of Aussie Pumps highly successful Scud range, the new ‘Truck Wash Special’ is equipped with a “Big Berty” Bertolini slow speed heavy duty triplex pump that delivers 21 lpm flow at 2,600 psi pressure.

“We have a lot of our Scuds for hire at every major rental company in the country with its 4,000 psi, 15 litre per minute pump.  The machines, either Honda petrol engine drive or Yanmar diesel, are widely used in earthmoving, transport, professional cleaning and similar applications” said Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer, John Hales.

The Aussie Truck Wash uses higher flow and less pressure to get big, muddy jobs done faster.   That makes service work easier and enhances appearance!

Aussie started building a similar specification for piggeries where again high pressure wasn’t the major requirement but rather a combination of high flow and pressure.

It’s driven through a gearbox from a Honda 13 hp engine.  The Big Berty pump offers real advantages with a huge finned crankcase to provide cool running, solid ceramic pistons and a unique valve arrangement comprising 316 stainless steel valves to prevent corrosion and enhance high fluid dynamic efficiency.

The pump also features steel plunger rods, Tenifer treated, that result in a harder, smoother surface for increased seal life.   High pressure seals are also a special compound that is wear resistant and feature a Teflon reinforced anti extrusion ring.

“The pumps and made to last and come with a four year warranty”, said Hales.

The standard drive system is a Honda 13 hp GX160 industrial petrol engine available in either recoil or electric start configuration.   A diesel option for construction and mining applications is also available with a 10 hp electric start Yanmar engine.

The machine is encapsulated in Aussie’s unique stainless steel welded frame with its registered “Scud” design.  The Scud is a big success not just in Australia but around the world.  It features OH&S friendly advantages that are obvious with its unique curved configuration and virtually no “sharps”.

The Big 13” steel wheels with flat free tyres is another big advantage.  It makes the machine easy to push around!

Another big advantage of Aussie’s Scud Truck Wash Special is having the advantage of being able to fit it with an optional stainless steel high pressure hose reel, rated to 5,000 psi maximum pressure.  It’s supplied with up to 30 metres of high pressure hose. This gives the operator a major advantage in terms of reach.

Loads of other accessories are also available including long wands for under carriage cleaning, turbo lances for enhanced effective working pressure and even a telescopic wand that gives the operator the ability to clean up to 5 metres in height without the use of ladders.

“We have studied the trucking industry and interviewed many owner operators and big corporate transport lines as well” said Hales.  “We think this is a great result and will follow it up with putting on the market high pressure electric drive steam cleaners and cold wash machines with similar capacity for static installations in transport depots or workshops” he said.

For further information on Aussie’s range of industrial cold water blasters … click here

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