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fire chief
The Aussie Fire Chief matches pump and engine capabilities to give outstanding performance, delivering more water at high pressure.

Pumps: Be Fire Ready

Model: Aussie Fire Chief

The Bureau of Meteorology has indicated an El Nino weather event is likely this bush fire season.  That means hotter and drier conditions with increased risk of fires for urban and country communities.

Fire fighting authorities around Australia are all stressing the need to take action to reduce fire risks ahead of the potential fire storm.

Bushfires can be caused by lightening strikes, sparks from farm machinery or electrical accidents like fallen power lines.   Properties can be protected with proper preparation to make them “Fire Ready”.

“Both domestic and farm buildings need two vital ingredients to effectively prepare for oncoming bushfires” said Aussie Pumps’ John Whiteley.  “They need a ready source of water and an effective fire fighting pump like the Aussie Fire Chief” he said.

Whiteley stressed that choosing the right pump is absolutely critical as a unit without the inherent performance to be able to deliver the right flow of water at high pressure to protect the property is verging on useless.

“Many consumers purchase a pump based on the horsepower of the engine without any understanding of the actual pump’s capability” he said.  Australian Pump claim the Aussie Fire Chief delivers more water at high pressure making it ideal for bush fire protection duties.

The Aussie Fire Chief is a simple robust high performance engine drive self priming pump available in both single or twin impeller versions.  It boasts a 450 lpm maximum flow and offers delivery heads in the standard single impeller version of up to 75 metres.  That’s over 100 psi!

The pump primes fast offering a record 7.6 metres vertical suction lift.   “The ability to draught water from creeks, streams or wells is vital in fire fighting” said Whiteley.  “If the pump won’t prime in an emergency then it is virtually useless” he said.

The Aussie Fire Chief is under contract to the New South Wales Fire Brigade and has supplied thousands of pumps to the Rural Fire Service, National Parks and Wildlife and to fire fighting authorities in Europe, S.E. Asia and the Pacific.

With a unique 5 year pump end warranty, the product is built without design or engineering compromise.  It uses more material and by virtue of its size, big belly body and huge impeller. That allows more water through the pump, providing excellent flow/pressure characteristics.

The heart of the pump is a 7” one piece closed style impeller, superbly balanced for maximum performance.   That big impeller is matched with a heavy duty volute that produces outstanding hydraulic characteristics, the result of years of engineering research and development.

The pump also features a 2” suction flange as standard equipment, which can be removed for easy servicing of the check valve.   Other features, not found on competitor’s pumps, include steel skids with anti vibration mounts that provide a secure base for the pump to operate from, and a conveniently located carry handle for ease of movement.

The Fire Chief can be powered with either petrol or diesel drive.   The standard petrol engine is a 5.5 hp genuine Japanese built Honda engine with low oil protection.   Other Honda engine versions are available in up to 13 hp for extra performance and engine longevity.

In diesel engines the product is available with both Yanmar and Kubota diesel drives.  Government Department and private users now are tending towards diesel drive fire pumps because of their intrinsic safety advantages.  Diesel fuel is less flammable than petrol making it a lot safer to refuel diesel drive pumps during a fire emergency.

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