6 Inch Diesel Trash Pumps

Aussie 6 Inch Diesel Trash Pump
Aussie trash pumps delivered to Leighton’s at Emerald Beach for deployment on Sapphire to Woolgoolga Pacific Highway Upgrade by Leighton Fulton Hogan J.V.

New Aussie Whopper

Model: MQ600TD

Leighton contractors, winners of the Sapphire to Woolgoolga Pacific Highway Upgrade, were faced with serious dewatering challenges for the ‘out of ground’ stage of the job. They chose five big Aussie 6’’ by 6’’ diesel trash pumps with a combined colossal flow of 30,000 litres a minute!

The contractor’s task was to divert creek water away during the construction of culverts under the roadway. The big pumps, called Aussie MQ600TDs, offer a unique flow pressure combination and the ability to draught water through a vertical lift of 7.6m. With a perpendicular discharge head of 46m (over 60psi), their combined capability of flow and pressure were used to control the course of naturally occurring creeks in the path of this important high way project.

The pumps were an ideal choice for this application because they are specifically designed to handle dirty water that may contain solids in suspension. They feature large non-clog impellers with open channels capable of passing solids up to 3” in diameter (76mm). They also include an easy clean out port in the front casing that enables the whole pump chamber to be cleaned of debris within minutes of a pump “choke”.

The big Aussies will self prime for a vertical lift of 7.6 metres making them fast and convenient to set up on site. They are powered by 60 HP Deutz air cooled four cylinder diesel engines with electric start and built in safety shut down equipment.  The shutdown kit activates in the event of low oil pressure, high oil temperature, or v-belt failure.

“Contractors like the way the pumps self prime without air compressors or vacuum pumps,” said Aussie Pumps Area Manager Dean Fountain. “They are easy to set up and clear ground water fast,” he said.

Sealing for the pump is provided by an oil lubricated tungsten titanium carbide seal designed to handle even abrasive slurry type liquids. The control panel is shock mounted in a water resistant housing and includes hour meter, ammeter, tachometer, and alternator failure lights.

Leighton specified the pumps be mounted on heavy duty skids with a centre mounted lifting bar. The skid base has an integrated 150 litre fuel tank, allowing the pump to operate for up to 11 hours of extended run time. The MQ600TD can be mounted with a heavy duty ‘off road’ style trailer. The trailer comes with jack legs for added stability and features an army style tow hook and draw bar.

The big 6’’ suction and discharge ports can be equipped with either camlock or Bauer couplings for quick discharge and suction connection. The 90º discharge elbow can be rotated to suit job requirements.

Aussie Pumps offer a free extended warranty of three years to support the MQ600TD pump. That warranty is not limited by application and applies equally to users in the mining, construction and rental business.
“We see cheap Chinese 6’’ pumps coming on the market but nothing can equal the performance or value for money of the big Aussie trash pumps,” said Fountain. “We hear horror stories about premature failures on cheap third world imports,” he said.

Further information on the big Aussie 6” trash pump is available from our Aussie MQ 6″ Trash Pump
page or download our MQ600TD Aussie Quick Prime Pumps PDF (217kb).


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