Aussie 6″ Drought Buster

In response to demand, Australian Pump have upgraded production of their unique 6” ‘Drought Buster’ self priming water mover.  The heavy duty 6” pump will move liquids up to 2,900 litres per minute, that’s 174,000 litres per hour!

Called the Aussie QP602, the big self-priming pump will draw water through a vertical lift of 7.4 metres.  “We call them Drought Busters as they move a massive amount of water but come with a realistic price tag,” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager, Brad Farrugia.

The Aussie team are in diesel pump production overdrive to meet demand from drought and fire affected areas.

The big engineered water passages to move water quickly.  The pump’s volute and impeller cavity allow for a superb efficiency. That enables the pump to achieve very high flows at various points of the curve.

“Even at 10 metres head the pump produces around 2,000 lpm”, said Farrugia.  The pump’s open impeller will pass small solids in suspension. This enables it to also operate as a dewatering pump on construction or mine sites, or for fast fill tanker applications.

Move More Water Fast

The diesel version of the pump is powered by a 10hp Yanmar electric start air cooled diesel engine.  An optional 18 litre fuel tank enables the unit to run without refueling for up to 8 hours when running at 3,000 rpm continuous engine speed.

The pump comes built into a heavy duty hot dipped galvanised steel frame. It is supplied with battery pack as standard for easy starting.  The engine also has an integrated recoil start in the event of a flat battery in the field.

The pumps are easy to move around and are recommended for farmers or local government councils wanting to move water fast in emergency.

“The big QP602 diesel, weighs in at about 160 kilos.  There is also a ‘Mine Boss’ version with a substantially heavier duty frame designed for the tough site conditions”, said Farrugia.

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