Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

dry wet vacuum cleaner
Poly barrel vacs are designed to withstand a tough life on site, cleaning up builder’s debris, cement dust and even water spills with ease.

Stonemason Cleans Up

Model: VS72

Sydney based stonemason, Peter Brown, uses a heavy duty Aussie 75 litre wet/dry vacuum cleaner to clean up stone dust, cement and debris from building sites. Peter specialises in stone walls, fireplaces, and has even built complete cottages!

“I like the big Aussie vac because of it’s polypropylene impact resistant barrel” said Peter, “stainless steel vacs can dent and then you lose suction. With poly, if it hits a wall, it just bounces off” he said.

The big 75 litre Aussie vac comes on a heavy duty steel frame with wheels and castors for ease of mobility. It is powered by two 1200 watt electric motors providing loads of suction for even the most difficult cleaning task.

An exclusive Microweb 99.9% filter is standard equipment enabling the machine to handle gyprock dust, cement, stone dust, sawdust and wood shavings with ease.

“I saw these big vacs at Coates Hire, and that sold me” said Peter. “It’s like having a full time assistant on the job, and cuts the O H & S issues down dramatically” he said.

All Aussie wet/dry vacs come with professional grade accessories including crush proof hose, chrome steel wands, and big cleaning heads capable of taking the tough duties on building sites. A robust aluminium squeegee comes as part of the kit for liquid pick up.

Further information on the 75 litre wet/dry vac is available on our cleaning vacs page or download our industrial wet/dry vacs PDF [153KB]

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