Aussie Hydrotest Wagon

Aussie Hydrotest Wagon
Aussie Pumps’ Project Engineer, Jeremy Shelton (left) with the Aussie production team show off the new Aussie Hydrotest wagon.

Model: Hydrotest Wagon

A unique trailer mounted hydrotest rig designed for Australia’s gas pipelines and processing plants has been developed by Australian Pump Industries.  Nicknamed the “Hydrotest Wagon” the mobile unit is capable of carrying out the entire hydrotest function without ancillary equipment.

“The “Wagon” carries its own water supply, a high pressure pump for fast filling pipes and a hydrostatic test pump that enables pipe lines and other equipment to be tested at up to 350 Bar (5,000 psi),” said Aussie Pumps’ Project Engineer, Jeremy Shelton.  “We mounted all of those items on a super heavy duty off road trailer. It’s built rugged enough to be at home on remote construction sites or pipelines around the country,” he said.

The heart of the hydrostatic test system is a 350 BAR “Big Berty” Bertolini triplex pump driven by a 23 hp Kohler twin cylinder diesel engine.   The Bertolini RA series slow speed pump runs at 1450 rpm. It is loaded with features that include heavy duty solid ceramic pistons for wear resistance, a unique sealing system that outlasts conventional seals and a 1 piece forged brass pump head.

Stainless steel valves are enclosed within bronze valve caps with bottom mounted O-ring seals to prevent leaks and provide an overall stronger and better seal.

The pump is driven through a heavy duty 2:1 reduction gearbox.  The gearbox is oil filled and sealed to prevent the ingress of dust.  The “Big Berty” pump comes with a diecast, anodised crankcase, claimed to be the biggest in its class, to provide more lubrication for pump cool running.

The pump motor group is fitted with Aussies “ASP” system, (Aussie Safety Protection).  The ASP system consists of a safety valve that protects both the machine and the operator from pressure spikes.

To make the hydrotesting pipelines easier, the machine is fitted with a double gauge, double lock off valve system mounted on a handy control console.   Emergency E-Stop is a standard safety feature on the control panel.

The machine transports its own water, with a Rapid 3,000 litre poly tank. The tank has with a large opening for fast filling, sealed with a lid with a built-in breather, a filter basket and moulded calibration marks.

“We chose the Rapid tank because of its extra thick walls, the polyethylene is UV stabilised and the ‘Surefit’ tank mounting system,” said Shelton.

The pipe fill function is carried out with an Aussie Fire Chief high pressure pump powered by a big Kubota OC95 9.5HP air cooled diesel engine. The pump is close coupled to the electric start engine.

The pump, although originally designed for fire fighting, is ideal for this application having the capacity to pump water at up to 100 psi. This means it has the ability to fill pipes located away from the hydrotest wagon.  The pumps maximum flow is a 450 lpm so the pipes can be filled fast before carrying out the actual hydrotest function.

“We think the Australian gas industry will pick up the idea of a robust single unit design that enables the whole hydrotest function to be carried out without water carts and separate fill pumps.  The system lends itself to the testing of water pipes and can be easily converted to a mobile 5,000 psi water blaster,” said Shelton. “There is already substantial interest in the Hydrotest Wagon from the Middle East. Hire and rental companies are also seeing the potential for this innovative Aussie product.” he said.

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