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Aussie Hard Heart stainless steel pumps are designed to handle corrosive and abrasive liquids even with solids in suspension.

Pumps: Hard Hearted Mining Pump

Model: Aussie GMP 

Australian Pump has launched a range of 316 grade stainless steel pumps designed specifically for mining applications. Nicknamed Aussie “Hard Hearts”, the pumps are self priming in design with the ability to draught water through a 6 metre vertical lift. Available in 2”, 3” and 4” configurations, the pumps offer flows of up to 3,000 litres per minute, with heads of up to 40 metres.

“Their 316 grade stainless steel construction, regarded as being ideal for difficult mining applications, provides true longevity, compared to conventional submersible pumps, or lower grade stainless products” said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia. “They also have real design advantages over submersible” he said.

When a submersible pump shuts down, the column of water above the pump is often heavily laden with fines, or even solids.  Eventually, those solids settle into the bottom of the pump chamber creating a potential “choke” and can require additional torque to re-start the pump.  This puts a load on the motor, which can cause premature burn out.  Service can also be problematic, with pumps needing to be removed from the pit for even routine maintenance. Sometimes it can be necessary to empty the pit first, causing cost blow out and delays.

Self priming “Hard Heart” pumps can suck liquids from vertical lifts of up to 6 metres, and their semi trash design allows the passing of large solids in suspension through big open style non-clog stainless steel impellers.  For example, the 4” pump will handle spherical solids of up to 1½” diameter.

The semi-trash design includes an easily removable stainless steel cover plate fitted to the front of the pump chamber.  This enables easy access to the impeller, without disconnecting pipework.  Unclogging a pump chamber or carrying out some routine clean out or service is a matter of minutes rather than hours or days.

The 316 grade stainless steel can handle both corrosive and abrasive slurries.  Aussie “Hard Heart” pumps are available in a wide range of configurations including close coupled 3 phase electric motor, hydraulic, close coupled or long coupled diesel engine drive, and heavy duty bare shaft.

A wide range of optional seals including viton, silicon carbide and tungsten carbide are also available.

For further information visit our GMP pumps page or download our GMP Electric Drive Semi Trash Pumps PDF [483KB].

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