Stainless Effluent Pump

The Aussie B2KQA stainless steel semi trash pump is corrosion resistant for long trouble life and handles livestock waste with it’s big open vane non clog impeller.

Stainless Effluent Pump


Livestock waste is both corrosive and abrasive. Australian Pump claim that the best results in handling these liquids can be obtained with above ground 316 grade cast stainless steel self priming pumps.

The new 2” Aussie GMP semi trash pump is manufactured from cast 316 stainless steel and is built to ISO9001 quality standards. The pumps will self prime from 6 metres and their above ground installation offers real advantages over submersible pumps.

When a submersible pump or long column sump pump shuts down, solids within the column of water above the pump sink into the pump chamber. The result is that the pumps can stall and the electric drive system could burn out.

Service can also be problematic with line shaft pumps. The pump needs to be removed from the pit for any serious maintenance. This is not only a dirty, but can sometimes dangerous and unhygienic chore.

The new Aussie 2” B2KQA ST/X motor pump offers flows of up to 490 litres per minute and heads to 17 metres. The semi trash design allows the passing of solids up to 17mm in suspension through a big open, non clog style impeller. For ease of serviceability, an easily removable stainless steel plate cover is fitted to the front of the pump. This enables access to the impeller chamber for clean out with disconnecting pipe work.

Minor services like de-clogging or impeller inspection can be carried out in the matter of minutes, without having to pull the pump out off the pit for service!

Using 316 grade stainless steel means that these pumps can handle both the corrosive and abrasive slurries found in piggeries and dairies. Other pumps in the range are available in 3” and 4” sizes with flows up to 2,600 litres per minute.

The most common configuration for these applications is close coupled electric motor drive, however bare shaft and even hydraulic drive versions are also available. Where electric power is limited diesel or petrol drive pumps can also be easily configured for effluent pump out.

“Above ground self priming centrifugal pumps have many advantages over submersibles, particularly in piggery applications,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager Brad Farrugia. “With flows of up to 2,600 litres per minute, we can offer pumps in 316 grade cast stainless steel for almost any livestock effluent pump out duty,” he said.

For further information on Aussie heavy duty steam cleaners visit our GMP Electric Drive Semi Trash Pumps page or download our GMP Electric Drive Semi Trash Pumps PDF (483kb).

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