Silent Steam Cleaner Does the Job!

Australian Pump has brought out a new version of the silent 3000 psi Steam Cleaner already used by many Councils and contractors around Australia. The machine offers real steam cleaning power used for sanitising amenities and removal of graffiti.

The Aussie Team prepares a V200 “Silent High-Pressure Steam Cleaner” before delivery and handover.

The low noise levels are achieved in the area of 75 to 76 dBA in the washing phase and 73.4 to 74 dBA in bypass phase (when the pressure cleaner gun is not operating). The machines can be mounted on light trucks or trailers with water tanks to supply water for the cleaning process.


Sydney City Council is one of a number of local government bodies that use these machines.  They have had excellent service from them over the years. The new version by Australian Pump Industries offers a wide range of improvements.  They make the machine easier to both operate and service.

“Noise level is quite generic and usually for the “perception noise” at the humans around the appliance,” said Australia Pumps Chief Engineer John Hales. “While the sound level at the source is fixed, the sound level depends upon the distance from the source and the acoustics characteristics. We worked with the engineers in Europe to develop refinements of the machine to get better results and quieter operation” he said.


Some of the new developments are the increased size of the on-board generator. The generator alternator is used to provide electricity and is belt-driven from the Kohler diesel engine that provides the main power. The old version of the generator was 2.14KVA whilst the new generator is larger and produces 5.5KVA. That’s more than double the electrical power. Other refinements include the relocation of the electric box for more easy accessibility. A new position for the softener tank that makes it easier to access and water tank being placed so as to provide positive feed to a high-pressure piston pump.

The new versions of the machine join Australian Pumps’ range of Aussie Hydro-Tek Clean and Capture Systems.  They are designed specifically for high-pressure cleaning in urban spaces.
Companies operating existing machines can get service and parts support from Australian Pump High-Pressure Water Blaster Division.

For further information on the new silent steam cleaner click here

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