Seamaster Portable Diesel Self Priming Pumps

The Aussie Seamaster self priming pump is on border protection duty with the Australian Navy’s Armidale class patrol boat

Armidale Goes Aussie

Model: Aussie Seamaster 

Armidale class patrol boats, operated by the Royal Australian Navy on border protection duty have standardised on Aussie Seamaster portable diesel self priming pumps.  The Seamaster, chosen for it’s lightweight and high performance is ideal for seawater salvage duties and doubles as a very effective lightweight fire pump.

Powered by a Yanmar L48 4.8HP air cooled industrial diesel engine, the pump delivers a whopping 600 lpm flow with a maximum pressure of up to 50 p.s.i.

“We call it the Aussie Seamaster because it was developed specifically for both military and merchant marine applications” said Aussie Pumps’ Dean Fountain. “The pump is built from a unique 30% glass filled polyester material, completely compatible with salt water, diesel fuel and oily waste liquids,” he said.

All major pump components are a polycarbonate material originally developed for the NASA space race in the ‘70s.  Even the impeller and volute are made from high tech injection moulding that provides perfect formation and eliminates friction losses and inefficiencies

The Aussie Seamaster self primes and has a vertical suction lift of 6.6 metres. That makes it ideal for salvage work where it is called upon to lift salt water from below decks, or for marine fire fighting.

Australian Pump is a major supplier of a top range Aussie fire pumps designed for both urban and forest fire fighting applications.  The Seamaster, although following a different criteria for marine applications, follows the same high principles of efficiency and advanced design as the Aussie Fire Chief range.

“We designed the pump to have loads of flow, so that it can literally ‘drown’ the fire on board fast and effectively” said Fountain.

The machine comes with a heavy duty galvanised steel frame with galvanised steel sub base, and anti vibration mounts. A stainless steel frame version is also available for Minehunter style applications.

The Seamaster has been adapted for used in aquaculture, live fish transport, and has been a huge success in Europe with a number of European Navies. The advanced design pump end is now backed by an exclusive five year.

For further information on the Aussie Seamaster visit our Fire Fighting Pumps page or download our Aussie Polly PDF [617KB].

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