Rapid FireScout to RFS

In a very generous move Sydney Markets and Freshmark, combined with Rapid Spray from Singleton, recently donated a series of Rapid’s super compact ‘FireScouts’ to deserving Rural Fire Service brigades.

The machines are compact but loaded with capability with their firefighting apparatus based on an Aussie Pumps Fire Chief, powered by genuine Honda petrol engine.  The Fire Chief is regarded as the world’s best lightweight portable firefighting pump.

From left: Bilpin RFS captain Sean Lonergan, deputy captain Jim Newton, secretary Cathy Wilson, Freshmark CEO James Kellaway, community engagement officer Penny McKinlay, deputy captains Jim Haines and Dave Hawes, and senior deputy captain Stuart McKinlay

Rapid’s ‘FireScout’ has a base of heavy duty polyethylene and comes complete with a hose reel package.  Tank sizes are available in both 360 litre and 600 litre.  This unique and innovative lightweight design is easy to load onto the back of a twin cab ute.  The complete kit includes a bottom fill kit that consists of 6m of suction hose.  It can be quickly used to refill the tank from dams, rivers or troughs.   A 36 metre, 19 mm high pressure firefighting hose with quality adjustable nozzle is also included as part of the package.

The foam kit and nozzle, an optional extra, is matched with a 17 l flush tank that doubles as a foam concentrate tank . That way, no foam is able to enter the main tank.   It’s a great kit, designed for farmers, “blockies” and professional firefighters.

The gift was presented to a number of brigades including Batlow and Bilpin Rural Fire Service.  In the Black Summer of 2020 Bilpin was subjected to relentless fires.

The fortunate brigades needed these compact units so they could easily be deployed as an extra back-up resource when the brigades were stretched. Because the ‘FireScout’ is lightweight and has fork pockets and lifting points for easy loading.  It’s a matter of minutes to get it loaded onto the back of a ute, fill it up with water and be ready for action.

The Aussie Fire Chief provides real capability with the ability to pump up to 450 lpm and pressures up to 100 psi.  A 4.8 hp air cooled Yanmar diesel engine is readily available as an option.

Good work by Rapid Spray and the Sydney Markets.  What a great gesture for keeping people safe during what looks like a very dangerous fire season.

Bilpin RFS Deputy Brigade Captain Jim Haines said that the impact of the new units on the community would be “immeasurable”.

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