Aussie QP40T Mine Boss Yanmar Powered Pump

The new QP40T Mine Boss is designed for pumping solids laden dirty water on mines and construction sites.

Mine Boss Pumped

Model: Aussie Trash Pump

Moving contaminated rain and groundwater is a challenge faced by all Australian mines and quarries, sooner or later. Australian Pump, a leading Australian owned pump builder has come up with a new 4’’ trash pump designed with the national mine specification MDG15 in mind. Called the Aussie QP40T Mine Boss, the Yanmar Powered Pump comes complete with safety options that set a new standard in “mine spec” pump equipment.

“The beefed up frame and safety features have made these pumps favourites with our industrial pump dealers. More mines and even construction companies insist on Aussie Mine Boss pumps for solids handling applications,” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager Brad Farrugia. “Our production team are only just keeping up with the demand,” he said.

The new trash pumps are designed to handle a high percentage of solids in suspension. The big, open “non-clog” style impeller, made from high SG grade cast iron, allows spherical solids up to 1” in size pass through. A silicon carbide mechanical seal for abrasion resistance is supplied as standard.

The big 4” pump self primes up to 7.6m and is fitted with a front clean out port that enables the operator to clean the pump of debris within a matter of minutes. The clean out port can be opened without disconnecting suction or delivery pipe work, a major advantage over conventional self priming pumps.

“We chose the Yanmar diesel drive for this configuration of the pump because of its excellent torque and fuel efficiency,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Brad Farrugia. “Moreover, it has the ability to hold engine speed under load,” he said.

The Aussie Mine Boss is loaded with features including an emergency stop, battery isolator, frame mounted fire extinguisher and optional bunding tray. Protected by a rugged 38mm full galvanised roll frame the QP40T Mine Boss has an integrated balanced lifting bar.

The pump features excellent efficiencies with a maximum head of 24m and flows up to 1,800 lpm. Like all Aussie quick prime self priming centrifugal pumps the new 4” trash pump is covered by a five year pump end warranty.

“A big thank you must be given to Xstrata, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and a leading hire company for their support and assistance in developing this world class product,” said Farrugia. “

Further information on the QP40T Mine Boss is available from our Fire Fighting Pumps page or download our Aussie Quik Prime Diesel Drive Trash Pumps PDF (211kb).

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