Portable High Pressure Steam Cleaner

Aussie Pumps’ John Logan with the compact, self contained Aussie JAW trailer mounted steam cleaner.

Cleaning Equipment: Aussie JAW Takes Off

Model: Aussie Jaw

Trailer mounted portable high pressure steam cleaner in the Aussie JAW (Just Add Water) range are proving popular with cleaning contractors and local Government bodies. The JAW system consists of a heavy duty engine driven steam cleaner, trailer mounted, with it’s own water tank.

The on board water tank means the machine can operate away from ready water sources, making it ideal for cleaning tasks in hard to access locations.

“Councils love the JAW system because they can get into tasks as diverse as cleaning monuments in parks to sanitising public facilities in sports fields” said Aussie Pumps’ Bruce Hulm.

The heart of the system is an Aussie Hydrotek engine drive steam cleaner, powered by a Honda electric start petrol engine, with the capacity to deliver scorching steam at 130º C.  The Aussie Pump system enables the operator to dial up the steam required for the job, from normal ambient cold water, to a maximum temperature at the twist of the wrist.

The Aussie Hydrotek steam cleaner fitted to each JAW system is powered by either Honda petrol or Kubota diesel engine.  Because it’s engine powered, it doesn’t rely on mains electricity for any of it’s functions. Available in pressures up to 5,000 psi these units can be individually tailored to meet a wide range of specialised cleaning tasks.

Ignition systems provided on the steam cleaner part of the machine are 12 volt, adding an element of safety not found in conventional 240 volt units.

The JAW system allows operators to do a range of tasks that may include removal of grease and oil stains from car parks or footpaths, cleaning shopping malls, disinfecting public garbage bins, removal of graffiti, and even chewing gum from pavements or walkways.

“Some councils call it the “Graffiti Buster” because of the way it melts graffiti off the wall without using harmful chemicals or caustic solutions” said Hulm.  “That makes it safer and much less costly than conventional graffiti removal methods and steam can even be used to kill weeds,” he said.

The kit includes a flat surface cleaner for use on pavements, parking areas or plazas, enabling the operator to remove food stains, oil or grease spills, or paint, quickly and efficiently.

For further information visit our high pressure steam cleaners page or download our Trailer Mounted Self Contained Steam Cleaner PDF [60KB], for an online demo visit our Aussie JAW video page.

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