Portable Diesel Drive Hydrostatic Test Pump

diesel portable hydrotester
The new hydrostatic tester is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around sites as needed.

Hydrostatic Tester: Portable Hydrotester

Model: Zeta 85 HPT

A new diesel powered high volume hydrostatic test unit has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Zeta 85 HPT, the machine offers a pressure rating of up to 20 Bar (that’s 280 psi) and a maximum flow rate of 85 litres per minute.

The manufacturers, Australian Pump Industries, claim the machine is a valuable tool for identifying leaks in water supply or gas pipeline systems, or for use in general industry where liquid commodities are transported as part of the plant process.

“Every year both government and industry face huge losses based on leakage from bad joints, corroded pipes or leaking valve systems. The hydrostatic tester can quickly identify the leak, creating huge savings!” said Aussie Pump’s Product Manager, Hamish Lorenz.

The new hydrotester is also suitable for infrastructure projects involving the transport of water or gas. Pipeline integrity can be verified and guaranteed as the project proceeds.

Designed to be relatively lightweight and portable, the unit weighs only 62 kgs and comes on a heavy duty steel skid with anti-vibration mounts. The diesel power unit, a Yanmar air cooled electric start single cylinder 4.8 hp industrial engine, provides loads of power and torque.

Like most Aussie hydrostatic testers, the heart of the system is a Udor triple diaphragm pump that is both simple to maintain and repair. In-line strainers are provided as standard to protect the pump from the ingress of contaminants whilst a double pressure gauge and lock off valve system enables both pump and line pressures to be monitored continuously and simultaneously.

An integrated control system that enables the operator infinitely variable pressure and flow control is provided as standard equipment. A gun/hose kit that enables the machine to double as a handy plant wash down unit is available as an optional extra.

The machine has a myriad of other uses apart from detection of leaks in pipelines. It can be used for hydro testing boilers, pressure vessels, pumps, valves or fire mains.

Australian Pump is Australia’s leading manufacturer of hydrostatic testers and builds machines for use in applications of up to 7,000 psi. (500 Bar). The company has had excellent export acceptance of its product range with particular success in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

For further information on the new portable Hydro Tester visit our hydrostatic testers page or download our Aussie high flow hydrostatic testers PDF [118KB]

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