Trash Pump Is Mine Boss

portable diesel drive trash pump
Jason Said from PF Formations checks out the new Aussie 2” Mine Boss trash pump on site.

Model: QP203T MS Trash Pumps

A new range of 2” and 3” trash pumps from Australian Pump Industries have been released for the tough mining, quarrying, hire and civil construction industries. The company’s market research indicated that there was a genuine need for portable diesel drive trash pumps that comply with the latest OH&S rules for mine and quarry applications.

The result was the development of the new Aussie 2” QP203T MS trash pumps, designed to move solids in suspension.

“Our market research highlighted the need for a much sturdier frame than is found on imported pumps” said Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer, John Hales. “We decided to beef-up frames and incorporate a centre mounted balanced lifting bar that make these 80 kilo pumps easy to move on site,” he said.

The unique Aussie Pump Mine Boss configuration includes not only a super heavy duty, hot gal, steel frame but a galvanised base plate with anti-vibration mounts. That floating base plate provides a sturdy platform for the pump and diesel engine, reducing wear on components.

The Mine Boss configuration also includes battery isolation in a lockable galvanised steel cabinet with emergency stop a standard feature. A top quality fire extinguisher is fitted to the frame to comply with the industry and the company’s standards.

The 2” trash pump shifts 600 litres per minute of solids laden water with the ability to handle spherical solids up to ¾” in diameter. The pump’s maximum head is 27 metres with power supplied by a single cylinder Yanmar 10hp air cooled electric start diesel engine.

The pump features a big non-clog open style high SG cast iron impeller and volute. A front mounted clean out port, designed for easy operator opening without disconnecting pipework, is integrated into the body design.

“In the event of the pump choking, the body can be opened and the internals flushed out in a matter of minutes and without special tools,” said Hales.

The flanged suction port is fitted with a big robust check valve designed to allow the pump to prime fast, first time, every time. The pumps integrated priming tank, incorporated in the sculpted body, means fast priming through a vertical lift of 7.6 metres.

“We knew when we designed in that big 38mm heavy duty frame we were adding cost and weight” said Hales. “In real terms nobody picks up an 80 kilo trash pump on a construction site by hand any more. Normally an excavator or truck crane is used and sometimes the pumps are put down with little care. Our heavy duty frame is designed to handle those extreme operating conditions,” he said.

Further information is available from Australian Pump Gold Distributors around the country or download our Aussie Quik Prime Diesel Drive Trash Pumps PDF.

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