Megator’s Sensible Mining Pump

Megator distributors, Australian Pump Industries, are seeing new applications for these unique self-priming positive displacement pumps.  The sliding shoe design comes out of a requirement for pumps in the mining and marine industries.

The Megator sliding shoe design means it can be used in a wide range of applications including oily waste transfer and of course for effluent and hazardous applications including spoils. They are are available in cast iron and bronze configurations.

Megator’s self priming, positive displacement pump has a unique sliding shoe concept ideal for oily waste transfer and effluent.


It is a positive displacement pump with super suction, self-priming with dry running capabilities.  Easy access to the working part means reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

These pumps are specified by knowledgeable engineers for recovering oil from sumps, pits, ponds and oil traps.  They are used for transferring contaminated water in mines, stripping sludge from tank bottoms, pumping diesel fuel and lubricating oil.

Megators self-prime, although they are positive displacement in design.  They deliver a “super-suction” performance that is provided by the unique sliding shoe concept.  The working parts are entirely submerged and liquid sealed, even when pumping air.   Liquid sealing allows enables the pump to safely run with a completely dry suction.


Best of all, the Megator sliding shoe pump will handle liquids of any viscosity. Some reduction of speed may be necessary at the highest viscosity.

The pump is equally effective on water or other thin liquids that have little lubricating or penetrating properties.   It readily handles free flowing or viscous liquids or a mixture of both!  To meet the specialised requirements of different industries, Megator has developed versatile assemblies.  They can be electric, (single or 3 phase), petrol or diesel driven.  Air or hydraulic drives are also available.

The product lends itself to stationary, skid mount or portable versions.  They are popular on work boats and tugs.  Bronze configuration pumps are available, or if weight is an issue, even aluminium.

Australian Pump got interested in Megator based on their heavy commitment to supporting the Royal Australian Navy.  Many Navy ships use Megator pumps in bilge or even laundry waste applications.

“If you have got a horrible job, give it to a Megator”, said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.“Megator pumps will suck right off the surface through the Dolphin floating strainer, without the pump suffering any ill effects” he said.

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