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Steve Byrne from Pursehouse Rural with the Aussie Poly pump that’s recommended for the safe, reliable transfer of the EASY N® fertiliser.


Model: Aussie Poly Pumps

Liquid fertilisers, like Incitec Pivot’s EASY N®, allow farmers to control nitrogen levels in soils and maximise crop production. Although productive, these liquids are corrosive and the pumps used need to be carefully matched.

Australian Pump, Australia’s leading self priming centrifugal pump specialist, has a range of poly pumps ideal for aggressive liquid transfer and the range is endorsed by Incitec Pivot.

“Incitec Pivot recommends the use of Aussie’s 2” self priming centrifugal poly pumps, with Viton seals to pump EASY Liquids”, said Incitec Pivot’s Technical Agronomist Jim Laycock. “The pumps are resistant to corrosion, and have the right elastomers to handle the medium being pumped,” he said.

The Aussie Poly Pump range, developed for ag chem applications like EASY N®, offer 2” and 3” self priming centrifugal engine drive pumps that are cost effective, efficient and reliable.  Made from a polycarbon material, the 30% glass filled polyester pumps are virtually corrosion free.

Viton elastomers that are compatible with most liquid fertilisers, and stainless steel hardware make the Aussie Poly Pumps a low cost but totally reliable solution for handling corrosive ag chemicals.

The 2” pump will handle up to 720 litres per minute, whilst the big 3” version, will handle up to 1100 litres per minute of flow. Both options are available either with petrol, electric or diesel drive.

“Spray contractors wanting to refill fast can do so with these handy and reliable pumps,” said Laycock. “And for farmers looking for savings by storing EASY N®, these pumps can handle the transfer between on-farm storage tanks,” he said.

Australian Pump offers a unique, extended 5 year warranty on the full range of Aussie Poly Pumps. It’s ISO9001 quality system ensures the highest standard of assembly and testing.

The Honda powered pump versions are now offered with a 3 year Honda engine warranty, at no extra charge to clients. The Honda warranty is available from Honda’s nationwide dealer network.

Close coupled electric motor drive versions in either single phase or 3 phase allow simple installation.  They’re all fitted with the unique Protek system which is sandwiched device between the pump and the electric motor.  In the event of a seal failure, the Protek system prevents the escaped liquid from running down the shaft into the electric motor.

Aussie electric drive poly pumps also now come with a tough galvanised steel base easy installation.

Further information on Aussie Poly pumps for liquid fertilisers and agricultural chemicals is available on our Poly Pumps page or download our Poly Pumps PDF (537KB).

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