Lightweight Marine Fire Pump

A lightweight, portable, high pressure firefighting pump driven by a unique marinised Honda petrol engine has been released. Part of the Aussie Sea Skipper range, the new pump weighs in at only 30 kg but produces flows of up to 450 lpm and pressures as high as 100 psi.

Australian Pump Industries developed the Sea Skipper range based on close association with the Royal Australian Navy and commercial work-boat, tug and trawler operators. The pumps were initially supplied with diesel engine drive.  It was mandatory that they self-prime and were able to handle seawater.

The result was the evolution of the Aussie Sea Skipper marinised high pressure firefighting pump. They feature bronze impellers and volutes and the bodies are coated with an epoxy paint on both internal and external surfaces.  The result was a major success with the product now being used by a number of Navy’s and commercial ship operators around the world.

Constant Development

A new Honda powered version, is the result of a co-operation with Honda and a Japanese manufacturer who saw a ready requirement for this type of product from fishing boat operators around the Sea of Japan and Okinawa.

Honda engineers developed the marinised version with a string of modifications to a popular industrial 5.5hp engine, their model GX160.  The engine has a horizontal shaft allowing the Sea Skipper pumps to be built straight onto the engine shaft.

Ready for the Sea

The pump is equipped with a heavy duty mechanical seal with ceramic wear surfaces and Buna N (Nitrile) elastomers suitable for handling sea water.

The product’s self-priming characteristics make it ideally suited for coastguard, water police or patrol boat applications.  Sea salvage work can be aided by the pump’s ability to draw water from vertical lifts of as much as 7.6m!

“The pump is part of our “Quik Prime” range” said Aussie Pumps Managing Director, Warwick Lorenz. “The light weight of the Honda petrol engine compared to a diesel drive makes it ideal for applications on smaller vessels, called upon to do salvage work”, he said.  The pump comes with an optional stainless steel frame making it easy to transport both at sea and on land.

Further information on the Aussie Sea Skipper range

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