Hydrotester Portable Pipeline Hydrostatic Tester

pipeline hydrotester
Big Aussie Hydrotester designed for proving pipeline integrity.

Hydrostatic Tester: Pipeline Hydrotester

Model: Kappa 125/gx390HTP

A large capacity, portable hydrostatic tester has been developed by Australian Pump Industries specifically for testing long distance water or gas pipelines. The machine is capable of testing pressures of up to 40 BAR and has a maximum flow of 125 litres per minute.

Call the Kappa 125 / GX390 HTP, the Hydrotester is designed to save time in carrying out tests in verifying the integrity of pipelines and isolating leaks. Australian Pump Industries claim that pipeline leaks account for losses of domestic water that could possibly run into the millions of litres per annum.

The core of the system is an Aussie Udor model Kappa 125 high pressure, four cylinder diaphragm pump. The pump is designed for long, continuous operation and operates at 540 rpm. Power is supplied by a Honda 13 hp air cooled industrial engine with low oil shut off.

The Honda was chosen for this application because of its excellent torque characteristics and the ready availability of spare parts and service not only in Australia but throughout the world.

Like all Aussie Hydrotest units, the machine is equipped with a double lock off valve system and double pressure gauge. This enables the operator to monitor pump pressure and line pressure at the same time.

The whole unit is enclosed in a heavy duty steel galvanised frame-trolley and mounted on four 13” pneumatic tyres on steel wheels.

“The machine is built tough, as we recognise it will be used on construction sites where field conditions aren’t always ideal,” said Australian Pump Industries product manager John Hales. “The trolley mount means that the machine can be moved around easily in the field without transport equipment,” he said.

Aussie Pumps is Australia’s biggest manufacturer of Hydrostatic test equipment, offering a range of systems covering flows from 20 lpm right through to 300 lpm, with pressures of up to 7,000 psi. The test units are available with either electric, petrol or diesel drives.

The new machine is expected to be of interest to water utilities, pipeline contractors, plumbers and the general hire industry.

Further information on the Kappa 125 / GX390 HTP is available on the hydrostatic testers page or download our high flow hydrostatic testers PDF [118KB]

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