Hydrotester Single Phase Hydrostatic Test Equipment

hydrotester hydrostatic test equipment
The new single phase high pressure test prototype is put through it’s paces.

Hydrostatic Tester: Save Water with Hydrotester

Identifying leaks in water supply lines has cut wasted water by millions of litres. Using Aussie hydrostatic test equipment, Government authorities and contractors can quickly identify leaks and carry out prompt repairs.

The latest from Australian Pump Industries in hydrotesters is a single phase electric drive unit designed for use in areas where
an internal combustion engine driven machine can’t operate.

“We identified a need for a top quality hydrostatic tester for use in general industry, and particular in food plants where contamination from engine fumes was absolutely unacceptable” said Aussie Pumps’ John Hales.

The hydrotester offers pressures of up to 30 bar and flows of 33 litres per minute. Powered by a 3 HP single phase electric motor, the Udor positive displacement pump is gearbox driven to provide just the right flow/pressure combination.

An integrated fully adjustable controller enables the operator to dial up the right pressure required for the job whilst the double gauge system enables him to monitor both pump pressure and line pressure to quickly identify leaks.

The machine is trolley mounted for ease of mobility, and is simple and safe to use.

“We expect the electric drive version of the Aussie HTP to be of real interest to local government, plumbers, water authorities and general manufacturing industry,” said Hales.

Australian Pump manufactures and exports a large range of hydrotesters, electric and both petrol and diesel drive, with pressures up to 7,000 psi.

Further information on our range of hydrostatic test equipment is available on the hydrostatic testers page.

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