Aussie Hydros Head North

High Pressure Steam Cleaner
The mobile high pressure steamer ready to take on “The North”.

Six big, trailer mounted Aussie Hydrotek high pressure, steam cleaners are reporting for duty at Onslow in West Australia. They are required as part of the quarantine process of steam cleaning machinery and equipment before its on-shipment to the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island.

The Aussie high pressure steam cleaners are trailer mounted complete with two 1000 litre capacity water tanks. The heart of the system is a big Hydrotek 4000psi Kubota diesel engine powered steam cleaner. Rated to operate at a 130 degrees Celsius, the machines develop 4300 psi pressure rating (300 bar) and deliver 21 lpm of flow.

“It’s that great combination of pressure, flow and steam that makes these machines perfect for this difficult task,” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager, Hamish Lorenz.

The big, hot blaster trailer is equipped with separate hose reels with up to 60 meters of high pressure hose. This allows the operator to move around big equipment without having to shift the steam cleaner.

“These six powerful diesel driven steam cleaners are perfect for pressure cleaning and sanitising tasks like this,” said Lorenz. “The big Kubotas deliver loads of power and the Hydrotek high pressure system is designed to operate even in tough environments,” he added.

One big benefit is that the blaster and the burner both run off diesel. Thus, they share a fuel tank making re-fuelling safe and simple.

The system also comes with an exclusive “AF2” adjustable flow, two gun system. The full pressure is balanced between two operators washing at the same time. Alternatively, water flow can be reduced by up to fifty percent when supply is limited with only one operator using the machine.

The whole of the system, part of the Aussie Hydrotek earthmoving and mining equipment wash down kit, is based on the concept of a compact trailer that carries its own water supply and pressure cleaner. That makes for a rugged, mobile cleaning station that is self sufficient even in remote locations.

The operator can get on with cleaning the equipment without having to “hunt” for a water supply when the water runs out. The huge reservoir means that operators can work continuously without moving to refill the tank.

The machines mount two heavy duty, stainless steel, 5000psi hot water rated hose reels. They are fitted with hi-tech stainless steel Super Swivels that enable them to operate without damage from high temperature water or high pressure.

Like all Aussie pressure cleaning equipment a safety system is in place with burst disc safety valves to protect both operator and machine from pressure spikes.

The tandem axle trailers come with a smooth, wide torsion suspension and are designed to be compact and easy to manoeuvre. The tanks are big cubes, designed to take up a minimum of deck space.

Australian Pump has made a huge commitment to supporting the civil engineering and mining industries in Australia. These machines, although specifically designed for decontamination of plant, are also ideal for any in-field machinery wash down application, for graffiti removal, oil or gas field service or even professional contract cleaning.

Further information is available from Hamish Lorenz at Australian Pump Industries on 02 8865 3500 or visit our Hydrostatic Testers page or download our High Flow Hydrostatic Testers PDF [118KB]

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