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The Aussie Hydro-Loop cleans and vacs the contaminated water for filtration and re-use.

Cleaning Equipment: Graffiti Buster is Super Green

Model: Aussie Hydro-Loop

Australian Pump’s graffiti busting Aussie Hydro-Loop system has set a new standard for “clean and capture” style pressure cleaning.  The Hydro-Loop consists of a petrol or diesel engine driven steam cleaner, available with pressures up to 5,000 p.s.i., that cleans and recaptures it’s own water, filtering it for reuse.

This means that operators can comply with EPA regulations by leaving jobs clean and dry, with minimum pollution, and maximum effective use of available water resources.  Using the clean and capture system means the operator can continue to use the same water, recycling it through the on board vacuum and filtration system.  That facility results in a huge gain in productivity and savings in water, time, energy.

The machine is designed with a view to being used by professional high pressure cleaning contractors wishing to comply with the latest environmental protection regulations.  The Hydro-Loop provides those operators with a cost effective system at a fraction of the price of conventional methods of recovering cleaning water after use.

“The Hydro-Loop is loaded with features, and represents the most versatile piece of plant of it’s kind in the world” said Aussie Pumps’ Bruce Hulm.  “The result of years of extensive R & D, it really does provide the ultimate versatility and effectiveness” he said.

The base unit Hydro-Loop is mounted on a big 4 wheel trailer fitted with a 4,000 p.s.i. engine drive steam cleaner.  The benefit of it’s engine drive is that the machine can operate away from mains power. That independence makes it ideal for cleaning public facilities, sports arenas, parks or other public venues.

It’s also suitable for cleaning mall car parks, with the steam allowing it to operate without the extensive use of caustic cleaning agents or harmful chemicals.

“Councils are the big winners with the development of the machine” said Hulm.  “They can now buy a very effective top quality machine, loaded with features and capability without it breaking the bank” he said.

The full kit includes an 800 litre tank and 12 volt on board vacuum cleaner that has the power to suck up the water from the job as it’s being applied.  Portable dams protect storm water drains and a huge 28” stainless steel flat surface cleaner, that sucks as it cleans, enables the operator to leave the job in perfect order after the clean.

The Aussie Twister surface cleaner cleans any flat horizontal surface using it’s spinning jets, whilst at the same time sucking the dirty liquid from the job back up into the filtration system.  The filtration system comprises 7 stages, allowing the water to move from contaminated, to virtually pure water after the filtration cycle.  That water can then be re-used by the machine without damaging pump or high pressure water system.

“Filters have to be kept clean, and the operator needs to understand that filters don’t actually eat the dirt, but merely filter it out” said Hulm.  “A simple maintenance program that involves regular routine filter checks is all that’s required to get the most out of the machine” he said.

Aussie Hydro-Loops are sold with full operator training program as part of the kit.  A free demonstration of the Hydro-Loop is available to all interested parties by checking the Aussie Pump web site (www.aussiepumps.com.au).

“The Hydro-Loop will remove oil stains, food stains, grease marks, graffiti, and even chewing gum” said Hulm. “It’s that lethal combination of high pressure and 130ºC temperature that gets the job done” he said.

Further information is available on our high pressure steam cleaners page or download our Steam Cleaners PDF (69kb).


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