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The Worth team graduate from the Aussie Pro-Operator Safety Awareness course as certified operators of Class B Aussie Hydro-blasters to 7,300 psi.

Model: Pro-Operator Safety Training

Worth Recycling recently put another team of their hydro-blasters operators through a safety awareness course. The training course, called Pro-Operator Safety Awareness, is designed by Australian Pump Industries to educate operators on the dangers of high pressure cleaning.

Aussie Pumps is based on a 2 ½ acres state of the art complex in Sydney’s Norwest boutique business district. They are Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of high pressure cleaning equipment.

“Making good gear is all very well, but we have to make sure that operators stay safe while they are using the equipment”, said Aussie Pump’s Adam Scully. The Safety Awareness Course is part of a series of courses developed by Aussie Pumps under the “Pro-Operator” banner. Other Pro-Operator courses include Triplex Pump Maintenance, Steam Cleaner Operator and Maintenance Guidelines, and the more in depth Industrial High Pressure Water Blaster Maintenance program.

Worth Recycling has grown to be an industry leader in the collection, transportation, processing and recycling of liquid, sludge and solid waste. They also offer industrial cleaning services and have major contracts with multi-nationals involved in shipbuilding, mining or the growing oil and gas industry.

Worth Recycling understands the importance of operator training as an integral part of their safety program.  PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), like Aussie Pump’s Pro-Operator clothing, is essential to keep operators safe. Building efficiency and minimising operating costs is essential in an industry with impeccably high standards.

The Pro-Operator Safety Awareness Course covers detailed technical explanations of piston pump technology. It also includes the correct and safe application of safety and pressure release valves, and the effective sizing of nozzles.

There is a heavy emphasis on personal safety and risk assessment. It is open to professional operators in pressure cleaning including contractors, local government bodies, mining and construction companies.

Interested parties should contact the High Pressure Training Manager at Australian Pump Industries.

Further information on PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), like Aussie Pump’s Pro-Operator clothing, is available from the TST Sweden website.

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