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Water Trucks’ Liam Buckett says The Aussie Steamy Stella makes short work of cleaning this fleet of big rigs.

Cleaning Equipment: Big Kenworths Come Clean

Model: Aussie Stella

Water Trucks Direct run one of Australia’s biggest fleets of water tankers with machines being built and designed
in the company’s Sydney head office for use all over Australia. Keeping the fleet well maintained and looking good is a challenge considering the machines are used on construction sites and road maintenance plants for dust suppression as well as for conventional water carting applications.

The company chose an Aussie Stella TS 3,000 steam cleaner as the key cleaning tool for the Sydney wash bay. The big Aussie steamer provides a whopping 3,000 psi pressure, allied to hot water and steam temperatures of up to 130°C.

The heart of the system is a “Big Berty” Bertolini triplex pump designed for continuous professional service. It features solid ceramic pistons, stainless steel valves and an exclusive double seal system to prevent leaks.

Water Trucks chose the Aussie machine because of its simple robust design. The machine has no electronic hardware but rather relies on a conventional heavy duty pressure switch to control the automatic “Total Stop” that protects the unit from the dangers of extended bypass operation.

The Aussie Stella series has revolutionised hot water steam cleaners because of it’s unusual design. “This is a classic case of form following function” said Aussie Pumps Xavier Brennan. “The machine has a chrome steel frame and heavy duty steel base that forms a chassis. The diesel tank, that provides the heating element with fuel, is fully protected inside the frame. The pump unloader and other key elements are easily accessible for service and are clearly visible to the operator,” he said.

The tubular frame comes with “click on” side covers for ease of service. The power is supplied to the steamer from a heavy duty 3 phase 5.5 kW motor, running at 1450 rpm. Thus both pump and motor are slow speed, designed for long trouble free life.

The electrical system is simple with user friendly controls mounted on the console at the back of the machine. A stainless steel AISI 304 fire box and chimney with perforated chrome steel cover is standard equipment, not an option on this heavy duty steam cleaner.

Australian Pump “up-spec’ed” the big Stella steamer with a heavy duty 4,000 psi rated gun, stainless steel lance and a range of Aussie quick tip spray nozzles that enable to operator to choose the angle of spray by simply clicking the desired coloured nozzle into the tip of the 1200mm lance.

“We call this machine “Steamy Stella” because it really performs and has literally revolutionised the look, functionality and convenience of steam cleaners” said Brennan. “Our engineers and the machine’s designers really had truck operators, earthmovers and farmers in mind when the machine was designed” he said.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie Stella steam cleaners is available on our high pressure steam cleaning equipment page or download our electric steam cleaners PDF (61KB).

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