Diesel mechanics in heavy duty workshops know that grease, oil sludge and road grime can slow down their diagnostic work. If you’re identifying leaks and failures in a diesel engine, you need the components to be clean.

It’s a challenge that Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading manufacturer of high pressure cleaning equipment, understands very well.  Cleaning is not just about cosmetics, but has a direct impact on maintenance times and operating costs.

Aussie Sizzler Hot Wash

Many mechanics are reluctant to acquire steam cleaners, in spite of their obvious advantages in cleaning grime and melting grease.  Part of the reluctance to move into hot water instead of cold pressure cleaning is to do with cost.  Aussie Pumps have solved that problem with the introduction of their new Aussie Sizzler hot wash machine.  It represents a price breakthrough, but without compromising quality.

Available in a heavy duty configuration, the Aussie Sizzler has made a huge impact in the Australian market.  Many European designed units with high speed triplex pumps, poly chassis and plastic covers, have been replaced by the Sizzler.

The Sizzler single phase units deliver with pressures to 1800 psi (EWP of 3100 psi when used with Turbo lance) and flows up to 10 litres per minute.

“What makes the machine so appealing is its heavy duty components. We put a slow speed four pole motor, driving a slow speed triplex first world pump into a system with a diesel fired burner.  It operates up to a maximum of 80 °C and pushes out a pressure at 1800 psi,” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.

The Sizzler hot wash uses less fuel than steam cleaners, and is being adopted by more than just mechanics. Truck operators, earthmoving contractors, bus wash, council depots, car detailers and even hire companies have put this “Hot” blaster to work.


Diagnosing vehicle repairs, a mechanic’s premium objective, is difficult if the engine bay is grimy. Having a Sizzler on hand means you’ll never waste time getting a vehicle ready for work.

Keeping your workshop well maintained has many other benefits. An Aussie Sizzler on hand reduces the time taken to clean up, so it’s no trouble to keep your workshop floor and tools in top condition.

Cleaning oil spills with a Sizzler is much neater and dries faster than splashing cold water and degreaser all over your workshop. Not to mention safer. Mechanics know how dangerous cold water on an oily concrete floor can be.

Aussie’s Sizzler hot wash removes residual grease off the floor, and make subsequent cleanups much quicker. A clean workshop is a safer workshop, reducing accidents and possible Workcover claims.

Not only that but a clean floor reflects more light. The workshop look brighter and more professional, but technicians will be able to see better!

The Aussie Sizzler is so effective and easy to use, it won’t take long before you notice the difference to your bottom line.

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