Aussie Primed with Honda

Honda Powered Fire Pumps

Model: Aussie Fire Chief

Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading portable fire pump supplier, has teamed with Honda to provide a great range of Honda powered fire pumps for the coming season. Australian Pump is one of the few international customers awarded Honda Global Partner status.

That global partnership award acknowledges the close working relationship between Aussie Pump engineers and their Honda counterparts. Honda works with Aussie Pumps on ensuring products are perfectly matched for maximum performance and longevity.

“Our Honda powered products are recognised and accepted in markets worldwide,” said Farrugia. “Hondas international service support is an indispensable part of our aggressive export programme. We know we can rely on the Honda partnership to give our customers first class engine aftermarket anywhere,” he said.

With the danger of catastrophic bushfires this year right throughout Australia, the Honda partnership is even more important to Australian Pump! The Aussie Fire Chief uses Honda engines exclusively in petrol drive versions. The new series of “Aussie Red Brigade”, advanced design fire pumps, are matched with Honda engines right up to the big 13hp single cylinder industrial drives.

The Aussie Fire Chief, the Red Brigade and the big twin impeller ‘Mr T’ pumps are all powered by Honda engines. The Aussie Fire Chief is regarded as being Australia’s iconic high pressure firefighting pump. The only pump of its kind in the world back by an exclusive 5 year warranty, the Fire Chief is claimed to not only outlast competitors but also produce an unequalled combination of pressure and flow. With a maximum flow of 500 lpm and with a maximum head of 75 metres, that’s over 100 psi, the pump simply produces more water at high pressure.

The Aussie fire pump range even extends down to the small one inch Ultralite pumps. The Ultralites use Honda’s lightweight, high tech GXH series engines.

“We can package a Honda powered one inch high pressure pump that weighs as little as 5 kilos,” said Farrugia. The Ultralites are not designed for knocking down aggressive bushfires. Rather, they can be used to fill gutters from swimming pools, mop up spot fires and most importantly, for personal fire protection.

“Farmers and home owners shouldn’t take chances with third world or substandard products when it comes to firefighting,” said Farrugia. “Property, livestock and even human lives can be put at risk if second-rate equipment is used. Honda quality complements with our own high standards,” he said.

Aussie Pumps carefully match the firefighting pump’s performance to the engine’s horsepower. “The engine rpm is carefully measured under load to ensure that pump performance is maintained and that the consumer can expect the product to last,” he said.

This year, the Aussie Pump’s Honda powered pump programme is their biggest ever. “We are 30% cheaper than our nearest competitor and offer significant features, performance and an unbeatable five year warranty,” said Farrugia. “Honda matched us with a three year warranty on the engine, making it an unbeatable package” he said.

“We have found Honda a joy to do business with. They are the ultimate professionals and have teamed with us to provide consumers with a combined product that is at the top of the game!

“We hear horror stories about users who have bought a cheap third world fire pump that lets them down the first time they try and use it. Leaking seals, dramatically overstated performance and engines that just won’t start are not uncommon,” said Farrugia.

The Aussie/Honda team are dedicated to producing products that will keep consumers safe and that perform well in the field.

Further information on Australian Pump Honda powered products is available from Australian Pump Industries on 02 8865 3500 or download our Aussie Quik Prime Petrol Drive Fire Pumps PDF.

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