High Pressure Water Cleaner

high pressure water cleaner
The Aussie Monsoon 140, built for cleaning railway platforms and station clean up, has been designed to withstand the knocks in station life.

Cleaning Equipment: Aussie Monsoon Cleans Up

Model: Monsoon 140

Australian Pump recently produced a special build of the popular Aussie Monsoon 140 for cleaning platforms and railway station facilities. The brief was to build a single phase machine, in a heavy duty fully enclosed steel frame, with big wheels and
tyres for ease of movement. The spec also called for long length high pressure hose assembly with a stowage capacity of up to 60 metres. The result was the Aussie Monsoon 140 Railway Special, designed just for that application.

The machine features 2,000 p.s.i. pump performance, and 3,200 EWP turbo pressure. It uses a Bertolini heavy duty triplex pump running at 1450 r.p.m. and is powered by a slow speed 4 pole single phase motor.

The machine comes with safety protection kit to protect both the pump and the operator.
The heavy duty steel frame and big 13 inch wheels make it easy to move around, including getting it up and down stairs on railway stations.

The Aussie Monsoon Railway Special comes complete with a heavy duty Aussie Reel Quick hose reel with 60 metres of Aussie high pressure cleaner hose fitted. A stainless steel double lance with a unique valve that enables the operator to move from high to low pressure or detergent application is standard equipment.

A heavy duty steel full cage style trolley that proves protection and easy movement is mounted on four big 13” steel wheels with pneumatic tyres.

“That trolley is capable of taking really hard knocks but is light and mobile enough to be moved around with ease,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Ali Hamade.

Australian Pump is claimed to be Australia’s largest producer of high pressure water blasters, and offer an engineering capability that enables the company to produce
purpose built machines in small runs for special applications.

For further information visit our high pressure water cleaners page or download our single phase professional cold water blasters PDF [65KB]

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