High Pressure Water Blaster

high pressure water blaster
Contractors love the safe storage and the increased efficiency of the longer length high pressure hose.

Cleaning Equipment: Aussie Blaster Is Reel Winner

Model: AB20HR

A new version of a popular Aussie 2,000 psi Honda powered pressure cleaner, now featuring an integrated heavy duty hose reel, has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Engineers claim that the versatile pressure cleaner offers users both OH & S and efficiency benefits. Called the Aussie AB20HR (hose reel) is expected to appeal to a wide range of users including farmers, contractors, tradies and even to local government users.

The safe stowage of high pressure hose has always presented a challenge to pressure cleaner operators. Careless handling of the high pressure hose, a very necessary part of the pressure cleaner, can result in accidents leading to serious physical injury.

The Aussie “Reel Mate” hose reel, now integrated into the machine’s design, provides safe and efficient storage, minimising the danger of accidents and delivering a range of other major benefits to users. The application and use of high pressure reels in pressure cleaning substantially minimises abrasive wear to the surface of the hose, at the same time greatly adding to its life while reducing operating costs.

The Aussie AB20 is a 2,000 psi high pressure water blaster powered by a Honda 6.5 horsepower model GX200 engine. Designed for a wide range of applications, it is built on a sturdy steel trolley with 4 big 10” pneumatic tyres with steel wheels.

The heavy duty steel trolley includes a roll cage to protect the machine on building sites or around the farm. The heart of the system is a “Big Berty” Bertolini pump with ceramic pistons and forged brass head, designed for long life and trouble free operation. The pump affectively delivers 12 litres per minute flow.

That combination of flow and pressure enables the machine to carry out serious cleaning tasks in property maintenance, small machine wash down and concrete finishing.

The system, protected by “ASP” (Aussie Safety Protection), includes a safety valve designed to eliminate the possibility of the machine suffering the effects of a pressure spike and a thermal dump that enables the unit to operate safely, even if left on extended bypass.

Aussie “ASP” protects the machine and the operator and is unique to Australian Pump Industry engine drive high pressure cleaners.

A top quality gun with quick fit attachments enables the machine to operate a series of optional lances that include turbos, extended length lances, sand blast heads and even brooms and brushes. The Turbomaster turbo lance provides the operator with increased capabilities of up to 3,000 psi EWP (Effective Working Pressure). The Aussie Reel Mate hose reel fitted to the machine comes with a 15 metre extended high pressure hose to enable the operators more flexibility and a safer more efficient “clean”.

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