High Pressure Hydrostatic Testers

high pressure hydrostatic tester
The Aussie Raptor uses a Penta Quintuplex stainless steel pump to produce a 7000 psi hydrostatic tester.

Hydrostatic Tester: 7,000 psi Hydrotester

Model: Aussie Raptor

Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s major manufacturer of hydrotest equipment have launched a 7,000 p.s.i. diesel
driven hydrotest pump kit. Called the Aussie Raptor HTP, the machine achieves flows of up to 13 litres per minute.

The heart of the system is a big Udor 7,000 p.s.i. Penta style pump. The quintuplex design utilises a machined stainless steel head with big oil filled crank case for cool running. The pump, designed to run at 1450 r.p.m. represents a major breakthrough in high pressure pump technology, offering the ability to test pipelines, compressors and pumps in the oil and gas industry
at pressures of up to 7,300 p.s.i.

The machine is powered by a Hatz air cooled industrial diesel engine and comes mounted in a heavy duty galvanised steel frame on 4 big pneumatic tyred steel wheels for ease of manoeuvrability on site.

Like all Aussie HTP hydrostatic test equipment, the new Raptor comes with fully adjustable pressure unloader to enable the operator to set the pressure required. The double gauge system enables the operator to lock off the test lines and monitor both pump and line pressures at the same time.

Designed originally for Middle East customers, the Raptor HTP is now being used in Australia, and is expected to be a big success both here and in export markets.

Further information on the Aussie Raptor is available on the hydrostatic testers page or download our high pressure hydrostatic tester PDF [70KB]

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