Aussie Steam Cleans Mine Equipment

Aussie Steamer Cleans Mine Equipment
Aussie Pumps Hydrotek 5,000 psi steam cleaner makes short work of pre-maintenance cleaning.

Model: Hydrotek Series

A super heavy duty Aussie Hydrotek 5000psi steam cleaner is heading for the Hastings Deering depot in Tabubil in PNG. The big, super rugged machine will be used to clean the extensive range of Caterpillar plant operating in and around the mine site.

The range of equipment is huge. Dump trucks, D9s and lots more plant and equipment has to be kept in perfect working order, in spite of the weather conditions. That’s when the steamer comes into its own.

The heart of the big machine is an Aussie Hydrotek 5000psi Kubota diesel powered steam cleaner. The steam cleaner can melt grease and dirt. The pressure and flow of the pump, 20 lpm flow at 5000psi, delivers a huge wallop that will blow the caked mud off equipment so service technicians can maximise efficiency.

The 20 hp Kubota diesel delivers loads of power to a huge triplex pump with ceramic pistons. The machine comes with e-stop and a specially engineered stainless steel rain cap over the burner exhaust to keep moisture out of the heater coil system.

The Hydrotek delivers up to 130°C with an infinitely variable heat controller that enables the operator to dial any temperature from ambient to 130°C.

Most operators seem to run the machines at around 90 °. That provides a combination of high pressure water and very high temperature without the pressure being dissipated by the flow turning into steam.

The machine comes with a one thousand litre (270 US gallons) poly tank equipped with suction filtration. The stainless steel hose reel is rated to 5000psi and capable of operating temperatures of 130°C. It comes equipped with 60m of high pressure, non-marking, 5000psi steam hose. This extended hose facility enables the operator to work around the machine without having to move the steamer during the wash function.

The tank, diesel steam cleaner and reels are mounted on a purpose designed, heavy duty, hot galvanised trailer. The trailer has a steel checker-plate floor and a heavy duty drawbar.

The trailer has twin torsion tube axles and a mechanical parking system. Off-road, “land cruiser” type wheels and tyres are standard. The trailer features excellent ground clearance for negotiating rugged terrain.

The big trailer mounted Aussie Hydrotek is the latest innovation from the Aussie Pumps design team. It is expected to be of real interest to big plant operators, hire companies and civil engineers involving mining, infrastructure and road maintenance.

Further information is available from Australia Pump Industries 02 8865 3500 or check our Steam Cleaners page.

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