Fire Prevention … Saving The Urban Interface

Australia has over one million homes in the urban interface around it’s major capital cities and regional centres.  It is therefore critical that preparations start now for the coming bushfire season.

A combination of global warming, winter rain and a predicted hot dry summer mean we can reasonably expect another catastrophic fire season soon.

Aussie Pumps Bushfire Survival Guide helps save lives, stock and crops.

Australian Pump Industries is preparing to double its production of high pressure fire pumps.  They have also sent out tens of thousands of their Bushfire Survival Guides.

“We know that the volunteer brigades are doing the best but this is a massive country”, said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Brad Farrugia. “There’s no way they can back burn the huge amount of fuel that survived last year’s fires. That fuel load is now even higher thanks to the recent rain”, he said.

The Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide is continuously updated by Australian Pump based on the feedback from fire authorities and users. It shows how to prepare house, farm, outbuildings and even deals with crop and stock protection.


There are a huge number of “blockies” living in bushland on the outskirts of cities, with limited access and huge potential to burn.   It is a wonderful environment in which to live, but it’s essential to plan for the fire season before it hits. It is about self-reliance and a bushfire protection system that can cope without external power and mains water.

Aussie’s Bushfire Survival Guide is a good start. A prepared homeowner or farmer can take the necessary precautions based on the “lessons” from the past. Australian Pump’s Fire Chief and Mr T twin impeller fire pumps really performed in last year’s fire season. The company produced record numbers of product, cleaning out Honda Australia of all available engines suitable for building fire pumps.

“The Aussie production team were magnificent! They put heart and souls into getting those pumps built and shipped promptly. Even after those extraordinary efforts, we couldn’t produce enough pumps to satisfy demand during the crisis”, said Farrigia.

“Please don’t wait until you smell smoke. Plan ahead and practice your plan. Choose gear that will work because your property and life may depend on it”, he said.

Further information on the Aussie Fire Chief and the Aussie Survival Guide is available here.

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