Field Day Season – Water is the Issue

The Aussie Pumps team is ready for this season of field days across the country, with a clear recognition that water security is the biggest single issue.

Aussie Pumps at field days
Aussie’s dealer support team hit the road at Field Day Shows

The company launched their “Drought Buster” program late last year.  It was designed to introduce farmers to more efficient ways of moving water at all levels. The self-priming centrifugal pump range fast tracked into an offer for farmers.  This gave reduced prices for diesel drive pumps with extended payment terms.  They provide high pressure self-priming centrifugal pumps that would provide huge cost savings in fuel.
Aussie’s formula was simple. They introduced big 3” & 4” portable Kubota diesel engine powered pumps marketed under the “Drought Buster” program.

The pumps come in heavy duty galvanised steel frames. Most have electric start as standard and can move water at rates of up to 2,600 lpm. The big drought buster pumps are even offered on a 90 day payment terms, through qualified Aussie Pump dealers, called “Buy Now Pay Later”.

It’s just another way that Aussie Pumps recognises the plight of farmers.  At the same time, Aussie Pumps acknowledges the huge debt the country has to the agriculture sector. They have helped the company to develop what is the most advanced range of self-priming centrifugal portable pumps in the world.  The big pumps will be on display at field days around the country as part of this year’s program.


With people like Alan Jones, Barnaby Joyce, Twiggy Forest and many more supporting the cause, the drought affecting a huge amount of Australia’s farming community cannot be ignored.

“We can do our bit by allowing farmers to move water the most efficient way possible and at the lowest cost,” said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia. “We can also continue to promote the idea that farmers should demand an infrastructure program to build dams that will harvest the water from where it is, and move it to where it should be,” he said.


The company listens to farmers and acknowledges the huge feedback that it gets.  Attending field days both directly and through its distributor network is essential.

“Our distributors are a terrific pipeline of feedback about applications and requirements’” said Farrugia. “For example, we didn’t realise that piggeries face real problems with clearing blocked drains and are doing it the hard way.

Using a 4,000 or 5,000 psi Aussie Cobra drain cleaner, drains can be cleared promptly reducing the risk of disease within the piggery”, he said. The machine can also be used as a very effective and time saving pressure cleaner for routine maintenance wash-down at the piggery.
The same principle applies to feedlots, chicken farms and even for machinery wash-down applications.


The new Scud pressure cleaners from Aussie Pumps will be displayed at field days around the country.   The machines feature the OH&S friendly Scud design.    The frames are now made from stainless steel. This is a major upgrade from the old hot dipped galvanised versions of the past. The stainless steel frames are not only aesthetically pleasing but eliminate rust issues.

The machines are built to last. They should be sized for the job to make sure the customer gets the right product the first time around.

“We’ll be giving instruction sheets out on pressure cleaner application. This ensures farmers get the best advice.  We dont want them buying a machine that is too small for the job,” said Farrugia.

Australian Pump was founded only 25 years ago. It’s grown from strength to strength and exports its products all around the world.
Watch out for Aussie Pump products at field days around the country.  Get a taste of the huge advantages provided by this innovative and customer focused Australian company.



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