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Drain Cleaning Jetters

Andrew Pearce picked up his Aussie Jetter and mini reel from The Jetters Edge in Sydney’s North.

Jetter Prices Slashed

Model: Aussie Cobra & King Cobra

Australian Pump Industries, the country’s leading manufacturer of high pressure drain cleaning jetters, has slashed prices on it’s Cobra and King Cobra packages.  The priced reduction is based on major cost savings generated by increased volume at the company’s 2½ acre manufacturing plant at Castle Hill in Sydney.

Aussie Pumps virtually invented the high pressure drain cleaning jetter, and launched the Aussie Cobra 4,000 p.s.i. jetter back in 1998.  A constant program of product improvement saw the Cobra evolve into a user friendly, safe and reliable machine that out performs United States or European equipment.

“We use higher pressure and more horsepower to get drains cleaned faster” said Aussie Pumps’ John Hales.  “The development of the Aussie Root Mulcher turbo nozzle meant that these machines could also chop tree roots up, a revolution in clearing chokes” he said.

The Company has since been aggressively attacking the export market, and now has machines operating in New York, Los Angeles, and throughout Asia and the South Pacific.

“Increasing volumes means we can drive costs down through improved efficiencies” said Hales.

The Company has turned those cost savings into huge price reductions for complete package deals.  These packages start with heavy duty Honda powered Cobra drain cleaners, complete with mini reel, nozzle box, and 20 metres of top quality super worm hose kits for under $9,000!

“At these prices, no serious plumber needs to be without a drain cleaning jetter!” Hales said.

Australian Pump jetters are offered with an exclusive “3 + 3” warranty.  That translates in terms of real benefits to users into a 3 year manufacturers’ warranty program on top quality “Big Berty” Bertolini pumps. Bertolini HD triplex pumps are used exclusively by Australian Pump Industries. The Honda or “Big Block” Vanguard engines offered as standard drives by Aussie also come with a 3 year engine warranty giving customers even more peace of mind.

Australian Pump is the exclusive distributor in Australia for Bertolini triplex pumps.  Bertolini has proven to be the most suitable high pressure pump for drain cleaners, because of the major inbuilt features of the product, compared to other piston pumps.

The Big Berty range offers oversized bearings, stainless steel valves, a unique double seal system and precision engineered ceramic pistons.  “Big Berty” pumps are loaded with features that result in lower maintenance requirements, and overall reduced through life support costs.

Buyers of jetters need to be aware of other manufacturers using “bootleg” Bertolini Pumps.  Bootleg pumps are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty as administered by the Australian distributor.   The same comment applies to copy Honda engines made in Chinese factories.  They may look the same, but, like most knock off product, they don’t last and don’t have the quality and support that you get from genuine product.

The sharply reduced prices for Aussie jetters is supported by Bill Miller from The Jetter’s Edge in Sydney, and by the Aussie Pump distributor network Australia wide.

“This is a huge breakthrough for plumbers, giving them access to the world’s best product at an unbeatable price” said Jetter’s Edge Bill Miller.

Further information on the complete range of drain cleaning jetters is available on our drain cleaning equipment page or download our Drain Cleaning Jetters PDF (76KB).


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