Diesel High Pressure Water Blasters

Aussie Pumps’ Albert Mahoney with the latest addition to the Aussie Scud system, the new Yanmar powered high pressure blaster.

Diesel Scud Launched

Model: SCUD 350/L100

A new Yanmar powered high pressure water blaster is the latest development in the Aussie Scud ‘revolution’.  Australian Pump has released the new diesel blaster in response to demand from the mining industry.

The Aussie Scud system is based on a new range of pressure cleaners and labour saving accessories that provide cost effective cleaning solutions, with minimal environmental impact.

The Aussie Scud package has been developed to deliver a fast, effective cleaning solution. Cleaning times are cut, maximising efficiency and reducing the amount of water and fuel used. The new diesel drive versions also offer users the benefits of greater fuel economy with lower through life costs than petrol drive equivalent high pressure cleaners.

“The Scud system is all about cost effective cleaning with minimal impact on the environment,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manger Trent McVey. “Developing a diesel drive blaster was the next obvious step for the program,” he said.

Designed for tough, continuous cleaning applications, the Aussie Scud series represents a heavy duty range of professional pressure cleaners designed for contracting, plant wash down, public utility cleaning, and for other similar heavy duty applications.

The heart of the high pressure cleaner is a “Big Berty” Bertolini triplex piston pump powered by popular Yanmar and Kubota industrial electric start diesel engines.

The machine’s standard equipment includes an Aussie “soft start” unloader that releases pressure in the hose when the trigger gun is closed.  That makes the hose lighter to move reducing operator fatigue.  Hose abrasion, a major maintenance issue for this type of equipment, is also minimised.

The operator wins again with the new Aussie Pulsar unloader because there’s no kickback when releasing the gun’s trigger.  That reduces stress on the pump, the gearbox, and the operator!

“The new Aussie Pulsar unloader is a real revolution in pressure cleaner design” said McVey.  “Those extra benefits reduce stress in the whole hydraulic system extending life and cutting maintenance costs,” he said.

The Scud series features an ergonomic, galvanised steel frame that incorporates features that provide protection for the pump and engine while allowing easy access for routine maintenance.  The registered frame design is finely balanced enabling operators to move the machine easily on site.

Available as an option is an ‘easy fit’ high pressure hose reel mounting bar that has been engineered to double as a lifting bar. A hose reel kit simply bolts on to the bar and can store of up to 50 metres of high pressure hose. The kit includes a whip hose that connects directly to the high pressure pump.

“Customers who have handled the new style blasters just fall in love with their looks and the ease with which they can be moved,” said McVey. “We say they have the look of a Bobcat with the feel of a Ferrari,” he said.

Like all Aussie professional blasters, the units come with a high quality 10 metre high pressure double wire braid hose, double stainless steel lance and professional 5,000 psi rated soft trigger gun.

A complete range of labour saving accessories that make the operator’s life easier, get jobs accomplished faster, and provide better cleaning results are all part of the package.  They include flat surface cleaners and top quality turbo lances designed to improve the machine’s “whack”.

For further information on the new Aussie Scud range download our New Aussie Scud Blasters PDF [1.17MB]

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