Diesel Drive High Pressure Steam Cleaner – Aussie Hydrotek

The newest member to the Aussie Hydrotek family, this 5,000 psi Kubota diesel powered unit was designed for mine site cleaning.

Steam Magic For Plant

Model: Aussie Hydrotek

A new 5,000 psi diesel drive Aussie Hydrotek steam cleaner has been launched in response to demand from the construction industry.  Australian Pump Industries has released a new machine that delivers not only high pressure but high temperatures that make maintenance of capital equipment easier.

Keeping plant clean and serviceable is the big challenge for Operation Managers and Mechanical Engineers across Australia. These new steam cleaners offer a high pressure solution that melts away grease and grime facilitating efficient and accurate maintenance checks.

“Greater pressures reduce cleaning times and when you add 130º C steam, grease just dissolves and the dirt washes away,” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager Rick Osborn.

The Aussie 5,000 psi Hydrotek delivers seriously high pressures and flows, and at the same time provides the operator with the ability to move from cold water to steam. Temperatures of up to 130 degrees can be achieved by the machine, enabling effective cleaning of even big plant like dump trucks, conveyers or dozers.

With a maximum pressure rating of 5,000 psi, the new machine delivers a whopping 8,500 psi EWP (effective working pressure) when used with the Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance.

Powered by a Kubota 20HP water cooled diesel engine, the Aussie Hydrotek unit has an emergency shut off equipment as standard. The engine is supported with a two year engine warranty through the extensive Kubota dealer network.

Designed for operation in the harshest environments, the machine has full stainless steel construction including a protective cover over the coil. The heart of the system is a heavy duty triplex pump with a nickel plated pump head developing both high flow and high pressure.

A 70 litre diesel fuel tank supplies both the diesel engine and the diesel powered water burner. The machine is supplied with a stainless steel PRO-TECT-IT frame with lifting eyes, and a stainless steel half front panel.

The Aussie Hydrotek also features a water tight electrical box for dirty, damp environments. The reliable 110 volt burner provides continuous hot water cleaning of up to 130º C. This is powered a 2.9kW generator that provides additional power outlets for running lights or accessories.

Australian Pump Industries claim that the Hydrotek is going to revolutionise high pressure cleaning and will largely eliminate the need for expensive cleaning chemicals and compounds.

“Aussie Hydrotek hot water pressure cleaners are currently being used for pre service cleaning around the country. These machines offer even greater pressures, reducing time take for cleaning and improving efficiency,” said Osborn.

For further information on the new Aussie Hydrotek range visit our High Pressure Steam cleaners page or download our Aussie Eco Clean Engine Drive Steam Cleaners PDF (252kb).

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