Corrosive Liquid Mine Pump

Many mines are filled with corrosive liquids that cause wear on equipment.  Australian Pump Industries new cast 316 stainless steel self-priming centrifugal pump has been introduced to handle corrosive liquids in mining applications. The new range of mine pumps are close coupled electric drive.  They feature high efficiencies for both high and low head applications.

Aussie Pump’s Operations Manager, Hamish Lorenz checks out the New 316 stainless steel Aussie G3TMK-A electric pump.

The pumps are designed to answer a serious need in mining and chemical industries for cost efficient, ISO9001 quality products, capable of handling contaminated and corrosive liquids.

“This product line has been developed for mine tailings and other difficult mine liquids including light slurries” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Albie Bester. “We perceived a major market opportunity for a top quality stainless steel pump at a realistic price and built strictly in accordance with our quality culture” he said.


The first pump to be introduced is a 5.5kW 3” pump that delivers a maximum flow of 1100 lpm.  It has the added ability to handle solids to 16mm.

Like all of the Aussie GMP range, the pump is self-priming with the ability to draft water from depths of 6 metres. The maximum pump head is 40 metres.  That makes it ideal for high pressure water transfer or even machinery wash down.

Power for the machine comes from a 5.5 kW TEFC 3 phase, 2 pole electric drive motor. Pump and motor are installed from the factory on a heavy duty steel base for ease of installation. Optional stainless steel or hot galvanised steel bases are available on request.

“The pump’s big advantage for miners is its ease of repair in the field and simplicity of operation. Even changing the seals is simple” said Bester. “The pump is close coupled to the motor with a 316 stainless steel stub shaft. Disassembly of the pump body from the motor is a matter of minutes giving access to the pump chamber for clean out or service” he said.

The secret of the pump’s excellent self-priming characteristics are the big “shoulders” in the priming tank incorporated in the unit’s design. The high mounted suction port also helps fast self-priming without the need for additional aids like vacuum pumps or compressors.
The pump is available in nickel aluminium bronze as well.  A semi trash version is available in the cast iron configuration. Seals are heavy duty mechanical style with Nitrile elastomers. Optional viton and silicon carbide are also available on request.

The first pumps were sent to Kalgoorlie where they are being used for mine tailings and wash stand applications in high PH level liquids.

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