Bertolini Pumps High Pressure Cleaners

Luigi Quaretti, Managing Director of Bertolini Pumps addressing the forum held at Australian Pump Industries.

Berty Boss Down Under

A high pressure cleaning conference was held at the Aussie Pumps Head Office in Castle Hill late last month. The forum was held on the 2½ acre premises followed by a cocktail party at the local Mercure Hotel. It was attended by industry leaders and major users, providing an opportunity for an exchange of ideas on equipment needs, requirements and technical innovations in the indust ry.

The guest speaker of the forum was Managing Director of Bertolini Pumps, Luigi Quaretti. This is the first leg of Mr Quaretti’s world tour promoting the new series of Bertolini pumps.

The new product range offers pump pressures of up to 500 BAR, making cleaning tasks to be carried out in a more efficient, faster and safer manner than with conventional triplex pumps.

Mr Quaretti stressed that the company’s focus is not only on performance but longevity and a reduction in through life cost of the equipment. Australian distributors, Australian Pump Industries combined the release of the new pumps with the introduction of the Aussie Scud professional cleaning system, taking a major leap forward in terms of pressure cleaner design and technology. “We are proud to be associated with the Aussie Scud product launch and the use of these higher efficiency triplex pumps” said Luigi Quaretti.

The new pump series offer major features that enable the products to run cooler with less risk of cavitations. Pump component quality is a major factor stressed by Mr Quaretti. “Many of our competitors are building in China to try and get costs down, or are using components sourced from third world or developing countries” said Quaretti. “Bertolini won’t go that way with all our products either being European or US manufactured” he said.

The product launch was attended by key industry leaders including Hamish Lorenz from IPCS, Narelle Wilson from Daynatech and Paul Naylor of Master Plumbers Association NSW. Other speakers included Nigel Irvine, Aussie Pumps Training Manager, John Hales, Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, and Adrian Fiatarone, Aussie Pumps Marketing Guru who masterminded the product launch.

“For sure this is the best product launch I have ever participated in” said Luigi Quaretti. “I was pleased to get the opportunity to promote Bertolini’s passion for quality to such as receptive audience” he said.

Australian Pump are heavily investing in the new series, many models of which are designed to directly interchange with other brands like Interpump and Hawke. “Now users can up-spec existing equipment by moving from other brands to directly interchangeable Bertolini pumps with consequent gains in efficiency, longevity and reliability” said Aussie Pumps Adrian Fiatarone.

For further information on the new range of Bertolini pumps download the Bertolini KKL, TTK, KTL & TTL Series Pumps PDF (357kb).

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