Aussie RapidClean Alliance

Aussie RapidClean Alliance
Aussie Pump’s Hamish Lorenz (left) and RapidClean’s Bruce Lees agree that the new alliance will give cleaning contractors access to quality cleaning equipment at competitive prices.

The recent alliance between Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading pressure cleaner manufacturer and RapidClean, cleaning supplies specialists, sets a new standard in the availability of top quality gear through this progressive cleaning equipment outlet. RapidClean bring to the arrangement over 45 stores providing first class service to the cleaning industry.

“Our customer base is professional high pressure cleaning contractors, government and the construction and mining markets” said Aussie Pump’s Product Manager, Hamish Lorenz. “The relationship with RapidClean now provides us with real opportunities to present the world’s best pressure cleaners to Australia’s cleaning industry,” he said.

Australian Pump started building pressure cleaners around 20 years ago. Over that time their equipment has developed with a huge investment in R&D to bring to Australian consumers the world’s most rugged, reliable and innovative machines. To counter the European design concept of plastic and lightweight, Aussie heavy duty, galvanised mobile machines are designed to be simple but super tough.

“Great hire companies like Kennards taught us that what counts is machines that work and can provide reliable day after day operation,” said Lorenz. “Safety and efficiency are also key factors involved in our design thinking” he said.

Since those early days of making tough machines for the rental industry, Aussie Pumps set out to develop machines that would clean faster, were safer and cost less to operate than imported or other locally built units. The result of that design concept was the “Aussie Scud”.

That machine has won plaudits all over the world and is exported to Japan, S.E Asia, Africa and the Middle East. “We have won great praise from Cleaner Times magazine, the American pressure cleaner contractor association official journal,” said Lorenz. “They love the idea of the Scud because it represents not just a machine but a complete cleaning system” he said.

The company’s extensive range of pressure cleaners has been augmented by the introduction of hot water blasters. The machines extend in capacity right up to 500 Bar (7,300 psi) and are available in petrol, diesel, electric or even hydraulic drive.

This extensive range of pressure cleaning gear, designed for Australian users, offers only top quality components from reputable engine and pump manufacturers. “We only use the best equipment in our gear. Our high volume production means we offer very competitive prices without compromising quality,” said Lorenz.

The full pressure cleaner range is augmented by a top quality line of Italian wet/dry vacs, built to Aussie Pump’s tough criteria by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment.

“We’re aligned with Fiorentini, a company synonymous in the cleaning industry for quality and performance,” said Lorenz. “The wet dry vacs from Fiorentini offer an innovative design and the added bonus of a 99.9% Microweb filter that can be used with wet/dry vacs,” he said.

The range includes machines from 10 litre capacity right up to 200 litre with new even bigger industrial machines scheduled to be released next year. The Microweb filter media is constructed from a unique homopolymer acrylic fibre. It has a microporous membrane applied to the collection surface. That provides a low pressure drop causing the dust to cake. Caking means dust release is facilitated and collection efficiency dramatically improved.

The Microweb filter can be used with dust from limestone, biochemical, lead, sugar, cement, Gyprock, precious metals, pigments and even fertilizer.

Aussie vacs available through RapidClean also come with a unique 5 year warranty. The only guarantee of its type in the industry.

The range of new Aussie cleaning products will be launched through the RapidClean Group, aiming to provide professional cleaners with top quality Aussie products that are safer, more efficient and more cost effective.

Further information is available from Australian Pump Industries or RapidClean outlets throughout Australia.

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