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Local success story, Australian Pump Industries, got started in a barn in Arcadia as a kind of hobby.

Today, the company is pre-animate as a manufacturer and supplier of pumps and pressure cleaners. The pumps are used in fire fighting and drought relief and the pressure cleaners for applications are as diverse as the concreters and painters to cleaning warships and super tankers.

Aussie is on the front line to save properties and lives.


The concept of producing fire pumps came as an idea when the company saw that third world products were coming into the market with potentially poor performance and driven by “bootleg” or “knock-off” engines.

The engineering division of the business put a lot of time into developing the Aussie Fire Chief now regarded as the world’s best lightweight portable fire pump. “The Fire Chief out performs and out features all others and represents substantially better value than any other brand. ” said Aussie’s Division Manager, Brad Farrugia.

Less expensive than equivalent competitors, the company offers a 5 year warranty from the date of sale to the end user.

“Our competitors sneered that we would be broke in 6 months by offering a 5 year warranty.” said Farrugia. “They considered our product to be just another look alike with the same level of performance, quality of components and engineering as theirs!” said Farrugia.

The Fire Chief, now just part of a big expanse of product range that gives Australian buyers the biggest choice of pumps for specific application possible, in the world.

“We took the best ideas and a constant program of 26 years of product development to come up with this line of pumps,” said Farrugia. “We consulted farmers, government departments, fire fighting authorities and even miners to come up with the best gear  to suit very different applications,” he said.


The company acknowledges the huge debt owed to the agriculture and farming communities. “We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the support we had from farmers who were looking for a better product and a better deal,” said Farrugia.

Now that we are in the middle of the worst drought in 100 years, the company believes it is time to give back.


The Drought Buster Program was launched mid last year and is unique that it offers not only lower prices on pumps designed to deliver large amounts of water fast, and also offers delayed terms of payment for dealers to help them through this extremely difficult time.

The company’s consistent program of quality, value and customer satisfaction has allowed it to grow. The 2 ½ acre facility in Sydney, is staffed by a team of professionals with a real passion to serve our customers with the best product in the world.

“It sounds like vanity, but our growing export sales indicate that doing the right thing by your customers really works,” said Farrugia. “We ship all over the world. The recent bushfires in Sumatra meant we gave absolute priority to their needs, knowing how desperate the situation was. We sent hundreds of pumps by air freight to help out people who were in real need,” he said.


Aussie Pumps is consistently advertising in the local papers for new staff, to fill a wide range of positions created by the company’s rapid growth. “Yes, we need sales and marketing cadets, product managers, engineers, fitters, assemblers and even call centre operators and secretaries to help us get the job done.” said Farrugia. “If you want to be part of an exciting, worthwhile and truly rewarding experience give us a call or email Anne Wilde for more information.” He said.

The company’s fundamentals are all based on empathy with customers and a real desire to help solve their issues. “There’s never been a time like this when drought and fire were so topical and dangerous,” said Farrugia.

If you’ve got something to give, with the right attitude, have we got the job for you!


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