Aussie Pumps Protects Against Bio-Hazards

Aussie Pumps have developed a range of hot water steam cleaners for fast decontamination and hygienic cleaning. Using Aussie’s steam pressure cleaners decreases cleaning time by up to 40% with the steam also reducing the drying time after cleaning.

These machines are designed particularly with primary producers in mind. The Aussie Super Indy range includes single and three phase steamers with pressures as high as 4,000 psi!

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner


Aussie Pumps’ Super Indy series are built tough, featuring heavy duty impact resistant stainless steel covers.  The cover is mounted on a robust steel chassis with integrated front mounted bumper.

“We decided to move away from European style machines with their traditional poly or plastic components” said Mal Patel, Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager.  “The machines are loaded with features to make it easy and safe to use but provide plenty of capability for fast effective cleaning and sanitising,” he said.

The pumps are heavy duty Italian triplex design running at 1450 rpm for long continuous trouble free life.  The range starts with a 240 volt single phase machine delivering 1500 psi (100 Bar) and 12 lpm flow.  The machine reaches 120 degrees C, providing loads of steam power. The option of high pressure detergent injection adds another level of cleaning efficiency.

Three phase machines are also available in a powerful 3,000 psi configuration with big flows of 19 lpm.

“We developed a 3,000 psi unit with the ability to ‘wash and flush’ delivering high flow and pressure.  This lifts productivity and reduces down time,” said Patel.

The mild steel burner coils are covered by a free extended warranty of up to two years. A stainless steel burner coil option, comes with a three year warranty.

The new Aussie Super Indy range offers timed “Total Stop” designed to shut the machine off after the operator releases the trigger of the gun.   This not only reduces wear on the machine but saves power.

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