Aussie’s Smart Pump Makes Batching Easy

Goldacres is regarded as Australia’ leading manufacturer of agricultural spray equipment. They saw the need for fast, safe mixing of spray chemicals and developed a batching system to solve this issue. They selected an Aussie 3” “Smart Pump” to deliver the right flow and pressure combination for the batching process.

Goldacres team member suited up for carrying out batching process with a 3” Aussie Smart Pump, doing its vital chemical handling job.

The Goldacres Batchmate is a stand-alone batching system that allows chemicals to be pre-mixed easily, safely and quickly, ready for transfer into the sprayers.

The compact unit incorporates an 800-litre tank and a Honda driven Aussie 3” Smart Pump. A high capacity venturi, with chemical induction probe, is incorporated to enable the mixing process to be carried out with maximum efficiency and speed. The Aussie pump selected was a self-priming, model RSE3BSV.  This incorporates high flow capacity and excellent performance characteristics.

Manufactured from 30% glass filled polyester, the pump will handle aggressive and corrosive farm chemicals with ease. The mechanical seals, Viton check valve and elastomers are compatible with most farm chemicals.

Aussie’s Smart Pumps are covered by a free 5 year extended warranty.  The Honda engine comes with a three-year International warranty.

“It’s great to see Australian manufacturers like Goldacres producing innovative machines like the Batchmate”, said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales. “This purpose-built machine saves time and even features a 23-litre handwash tank with soap dispenser!”

Further information on the Smart Pump is available here . For batching information, see Goldacres website for dealers around the country.

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