Aussie’s Honda Team

Aussie Team Honda
Aussie’s ‘Team Honda’ salutes the Aussie Honda pump line-up.

Aussie Pumps, a leading supplier of high pressure fire pumps and engine drive transfer pumps, have joined with Honda for this seasons sizzling fire and El Nino conditions. Australian Pump offer the most comprehensive range of Honda powered, petrol drive pumps from 1 ” through to 6” to cater for a wide range of agricultural and domestic applications.

“We only choose Honda for our petrol engine range of Aussie QP pumps because of their reliability, market popularity and national aftermarket support” said Aussie Pump’s Product Manager, Brad Farrugia. “All of our pumps are superbly match tested so as not to overload what we believe is the world’s best petrol drive industrial air cooled engine” he said.

The product range starts with Aussie’s Ultralite Model QP1 powered by a 1hp lightweight 4 stroke Honda engine. These lightweight, high speed 1” pumps offer superb engine technology and produce up to 40 metres head and flows to 120 litres per minute.

A bigger version, suitable for personal firefighting protection, water transfer and even light sprayer irrigation duties is available in a dual 1” and 1.1/2” configuration powered by Honda’s GXH50 lightweight high speed engine.

“The GXH50 engine is amazing” said Farrugia. “It delivers the power right where you want it. It enables our pumps to outperform others. It’s the perfect match of pump hydraulic design and engine capability that provides the excellent performance,” he said.

Aussie’s Fire Chief and Mr. T twin impeller have set new standards for performance and reliability in the field.

“You will note that we are the only company that offers a 5 year warranty on products like this, not only in Australia but right through the South Pacific and Asia” said Farrugia. “That shows the confidence that we get from matching our pumps’ superbly designed guide vanes and impellers to the power and torque that Honda can deliver,” he said.

Bigger pumps for tanker applications feature in Aussie’s “Gusher” range. These 3” and 4” transfer pumps are built to the highest quality standards and outperform similar third world products.

“We hear horror stories every day about either grey imports or third world clones letting customers down in both fire and water transfer applications. Paradoxically, failures seem to occur when the pump is needed most in vital applications that can include firefighting or stock watering” he said.

Aussie’s Brigade Boss series, conceived in the company’s think tank new product development program provides both high pressure and high flow from big 3” and 4” pumps. The Brigade Boss will develop heads of up to 70 metres (that’s 100 psi approximately) and flows to 1,200 lpm.

The pumps are powered by 13 hp Honda petrol engines, fully warranted and supported by Honda’s great aftermarket support programme, not only in Australia but around the world.

This season, the obvious problem farmers and householders face is the predicted cataclysmic conditions. These pumps will perform vital roles in keeping people safe, keeping stock and crops alive, and even helping provide clean and fresh water to houses without town water.

“It is no wonder that Australian Pump has been awarded one of the very few “Honda Platinum” partnerships” said Farrugia. “It is a clear indication of our unique relationship and mutual support that has stood the test of time over the last 20 years” he said.

“Aussie Pumps owe a huge amount of its success as Australia’s foremost self-priming pump manufacturer/distributor to the support we get from Honda’s quality, engineering advice and aftermarket programme. Our advice to consumers? It’s simple; don’t waste your time with third world pumps driven by copy Honda engines. Go for the original with the best pump in the business,” said Farrugia.

Further information on Aussie Pump’s great range of Honda powered firefighting and transfer pumps is available by checking this website or by calling your local Authorised Aussie Pump Gold Distributor.

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