Aussie Pumps Dowerin Field Day

Michael Bartier of the Honda Shop presents the barrel draw winner Steven Lord of Goomalling with his new Aussie Fire Chief.

Aussie Pumps Does Dowerin

This year’s Dowerin field day featured a wide range of brand new Aussie Pump products developed specifically for the man on the land. All this great new gear, along with expert advice, was available from the Honda shop on stand MOTORING 16.

Key products displayed included the latest versions of the “Aussie Fire Chief”, Australia’s leading high pressure portable fire pumps.  “The Aussie Fire Chief out performs and out features all others” said the Honda shops, Michael Bartier. “It has a 5 year warranty and comes with a genuine Japanese Honda engine” he said.

“The latest configurations feature heavy duty steel skids, anti vibration mounts, metal caps on outlet ports and a huge single impeller that out performs competitors’ twin impeller pumps” said Bartier.

Aussie Poly Pumps manufactured from 30% glass filled polyester have facilitated a liquid fertiliser revolution.  Although it is now proven that liquid fertilisers boost yields and improves crop quality, they are aggressive and “eat” conventional aluminium or cast iron transfer pumps from the inside.

The Aussie Poly Pump range, marketed under the Aussie Smart Pump banner, is impervious to the effects of compatible aggressive chemicals. The latest version displayed at Dowerin 2011 included the big 3” pump capable of pumping up to 1,100 litres per minute.  “That means faster turnaround times for spray operators, boosting productivity and having a dramatic impact on the bottom line” said Bartier.

Australian Pumps is in the process of reintroducing the Tsurumi Submersible pumps to the Australian market.  Tsurumi, a Japanese company based in Osaka, is the world’s biggest manufacturer of electro submersible pumps.  They are suitable for large stock waste applications, replacing outdated single column sub pumps.

“These top quality electro submersible pumps will handle compressible solids making them ideal for piggery, dairy or poultry farm effluent pits” said Bartier.  “They are available in single or three phased configuration, with or without float switches” he said.

Tsurumi Submersible effluent pumps, suitable for livestock waste handling are also available through the Honda shop. They are part of the Tsurumi package and can make a huge contribution to the effective treatment of waste liquids. Tsurumi Aerators enable the oxygenation process to be accelerated to turn effluent into a valuable source of fertiliser!

One lucky punter, Mr Steven Lord or Goomalling, won the Honda Shops Dowerin prize of an Aussie Fire Chief. He was presented his new pump by the assistant General Manager Michael Bartier.

The Honda Shop was supported by Aussie Pumps Area Manager, Paul Justin, Paul was on hand to handle detailed technical questions on pump application, selection and provide guidance.  He was also looking for inspiration for the R&D projects at Aussie Pumps and received plenty of valuable farmer feedback!


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