Aussie Jetters Go North

Unblocking chocked drains isn’t just a problem in the big cities.  Remote communities like those living in the Torres Strait Islands suffer chokes too. These can lead to health issues so need to be dealt with fast.

K & M Plumbing is using Aussie’s Honda powered King Cobra 5,000 psi drain cleaning jetter to solve the issue on Thursday Island.

Kurt Cowell and his team are now using their second King Cobra Jetter and are always busy.    The 5,000 psi machine, with 60 metres of sewer hose, means drains can be unblocked safely and efficiently.

The K & M Plumbing team clearing chokes on Thursday Island in record time with their Aussie King Cobra drain cleaning jetter.

“We love the big Aussie machine”, says Cowell. “It took us 15 years to wear out our first one and this second one is going like a train”, he said.

The jetter came with Aussie’s free safety kit. That includes an E-stop, safety plate and a hose restraint to keep the operators safe at all times.

The big machine is capable of clearing drains up to 9” in diameter. It comes with a complete nozzle pack to tackle a range of chokes fast and efficiently. These include tree root infestations and fat blockages.

A portable Mini Reel enables the operator to work up to 60 metres away and still control the jetter remotely. The wash-down gun kit makes cleaning up after the job easy and allows the unit to be used as a very effective pressure washer.

For further information on Aussie’s range of drain cleaning jetters click here

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