Aussie Gears Up for Brutal Fire Season


With the weather forecasters predicting El Nino and a massive fuel load, on the East Coast particularly, Australian Pump Industries is now gearing up production of its portable firefighting pumps.  The company is already experiencing pressure from firefighting authorities to get builds through fast.

“We know the fire season is going to be brutal,” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer John Hales.

Aussie Pumps are gearing up to help protect folk living on the urban interface, country towns, hamlets and even Australia’s capital cities.

“An updated version of Aussie’s Bushfire Survival Guide is out and we’ve printed thousands of copies to give away”, said Hales.

The Bushfire Survival Guide is designed for farmers and homeowners in rural settings as well as those who live in the urban interface. The guide covers the basics of selecting, setting up and maintaining a fire protection pump as part of a bushfire survival plan.

Aussie Pumps's Bushfire Survival Guide
Aussie’s free Bushfire Survival Guide is the oracle for setting up a fire pump and getting a property prepared ahead the fire season.

Aussie Pumps makes a range of top quality portable firefighting pumps to help property owners protect their assets. With both Honda petrol and Yanmar diesel drive options, the range starts with the Aussie 1” Ultralites and moves all the way up to big 4” Brigade Boss pumps for village protection duties. The flagship of the range is the Aussie Fire Chief.


The company introduced the Aussie “Fire Chief” almost 30 years ago. The market was surprised that this modest piece of equipment, with a Honda engine fitted, would produce 25% more performance than the stated flow and pressure of both Davey and Onga equivalents.

“We respected those brands and believed that they were at the pinnacle,” said Hales. “When we pulled them apart to see how they were built we were amazed to find the impellers were simply smaller. We realised that having a bigger body and impeller, perfectly matched to the power of the Honda GX160 or GX200 engine, was the secret to our better performance”, said Hales.

The Aussie “Fire Chief” also features a front mounted, flanged suction port with a standard 2” port. It can be changed to 1½” or even 3” if required.

Aussie’s “Mr T” twin impeller fire pump can also be modified to 3” inlets and outlets providing extraordinary performance.  When powered by a Honda GX390 13 hp engine, the pump delivers 200 litres per minute at 80 metres head.

“That’s astonishing and we believe it is not available from any other 3″ fire pump on the market,” said Hales. “A big 4” twin impeller pump is now also available. With a maximum flow of 700 lpm, and a maximum head of almost 120 metres, the machine performs beautifully,” he said.


All Aussie Pump QP pumps come with a unique five year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials, and the Honda engines carry a three year international warranty.

The Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide includes details of the complete range of Aussie Fire pumps but the company recommends that owners consult with their local Aussie Gold Distributor for expert advice on selecting the right fire pump for the application.

“Often it pays to have more than one pump on standby when the stakes are so high. One to protect the house and sheds, and one for mobile work, putting out spot fires,” said Hales.

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Aussie Pumps Fire Chief in production at their Castle Hill facility
The Aussie production team are ‘fired up’ producing Aussie Fire Chief pumps ahead of what is predicted to be a massive fire season



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