Aussie Drain Cleaning Jetters

drain cleaning jetters sale surges
The Jetters Edge, Bill Miller and Sam Chisum pick up another load of Cobra Drain Cleaners from Australian Pump as prices drop and sales explode!

Jetters Sales Surge

Model: Aussie Drain Cleaning Jetters

There’s been a huge surge in demand from plumbers for high pressure drain cleaning Jetters.  The company who acts as the sales distributor and service agent for The Australian Pump Cobra jetters recently slashed prices as volume of both sales and production went through the roof.

The Aussie Cobra range of drain cleaning jetters was developed by Australian Pump Industries. The first company to build a commercially available 4,000 psi drain cleaning Jetters, Aussie Pumps saw huge advantages for plumbers in both efficiency and safety.

More recently the company launched the King Cobra 5,000 psi machines designed to clear chokes faster and chop through tree roots and other blockages with ease.  The machines are matched to a terrific range of accessories developed specifically to help plumbers handle chokes easily, adding a extremely profitable  adjunct to existing capabilities.

“The huge increase in sales reflects directly to our reduction of prices,” said Bill Miller, General Manager from The Jetter’s Edge’s.  “We got tired of cut price clones coming on the market and decided to work with Aussie to drop prices so that customers can save by buying the original Cobras instead of copies. The result has been huge increase in demand resulting in higher production volumes and lower cost. We keep passing those lower costs back to the plumbers, resulting in even more happy customers,” he said.

Bill Miller provides free online advise service to plumbers on how to get the best out of drain cleaning Jetters.  He also has free documentation on safety, machine maintenance and provides users with lots of information on how they can get the best out of their machines, irrespective of brands.

“The Jetters Edge is all about helping plumbers to play it safe and add profitability at the same time by moving into what we used to call the Jetters revolution,” said Miller. “The results, particularly since the Queensland and Victorian floods, have been fantastic.”

Australian Pump now ship the Aussie Cobra all over the world and have machines operating in New York, right through South East Asia and even in Europe.  Cooperation between the Cobra Club, an association of the drain cleaning Jetters owners throughout Australia, The Jetters Edge and the Aussie Pump factory at Castle Hill means that machines are constantly being improved.  This makes them more user friendly, easier to service and reliable.  Constant feedback from the market is used in the design and development process, to the benefit of all parties involved.

Further information including details on complete 4,000 psi drain cleaner packages is available from The Jetters Edge, and machines are available for immediate shipment anywhere in Australia.

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