Aussie Vac’s Healthy Choice

Aussie Clean Air Vac
Freddie Milano cleaning the warehouse with the big Aussie “Clean Air” VS72.

Model: Aussie Clean Air VS72

Airborne dust and particles present a OH&S hazard and it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure this risk is minimised. Aussie “Clean Air” vacs deliver a healthy clean, not just a cosmetic clean.

All Aussie “Clean Air” vacs are fitted with a unique Microweb 99.9% filter. This important feature is standard on all their heavy duty wet/dry vacs from 10 litre to 200 litre capacity.

The exclusive Aussie Microweb filter system means these super reliable vacs can deal with contaminants such as limestone, lead, sugar, cement, fertilisers and gyprock dust. “These particles can pose a serious danger. Even smaller amounts can create an unhealthy and uncomfortable working environment or trigger serious allergies.” said Aussie Product Manager Mr Shanik Lokuge.

The Aussie Clean Air vacs are designed to operate in a wide range of applications. They will not damage the environment and provide maximum protection for the operator.

The Aussie Clean Air VS72 has big 75litre wet/dry capacity. It comes with a heavy duty polypropylene barrel designed to resist impact and prevent dust leakage. Two big, 1200 watt, 240volt by-pass motors provide powerful suction making it particularly suitable for industrial and other heavy duty applications.

“The wet/dry function enables spills to be cleaned up easily and efficiently,” said Lokuge. “This quickly reduces any potential hazard caused by the spill and minimises workplace disruption. An Aussie Clean Air vacuum cleaner is an investment in the health and safety of your employees and reduces sick days.” he added.

To effectively manage dust control it is also essential to select the right suction tools. A heavy duty 40mm accessory kit is standard along with 4m of flexible, crush-proof hose. The kit includes a two piece chromed steel wand, hard brush, aluminium squeegee for spills and crevice tool. This makes it easy to clean even hard to access areas.

Aussie vacs are available in larger sizes including the Jumbo version, which can pick up debris as large as soft drink cans. They are ideal for factories, warehouses, mills and shopping centres.

For a free “Aussie Healthy Clean” hand book including filtration and technical data and a selection guide contact Aussie Pumps on 02 8865 3500.

For further information on Aussie vacs visit our Vacs page or download our Industrial Wet/Dry Vacs PDF [153KB]

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